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What's wrong with the Classics Dept? - viz., Victor Davis HANSON. (Not NIETZSCHE)

NIETZSCHE was a Classics scholar, but his stuff was appropriated and twisted by his ignorant sister and the SHITLERs of that day, so am exempting him from the question in the Subject.

Remember Shrub, CHEENEE, Darth Rums and their Iraq Attack? How it was on their wish list long before they got lucky and took an unrelated opportunity to launch it? How they went on a binge of dreaming up one new "reason" to justify it just about every week, looking for one that would be the magic button to rouse the country - like, "He tried to kill my daddy!1" or WMD or noo-ku-lar cloud?!1

Well, in that period of, um, creativity, somebody brought one Victor Davis HANSON to CHEENEE's attention, this Classics scholar, author, and professor, who met with CHEENEE and gave him a personal crash course in Ancient Greek politics and warfare and then became the emblem of "respectability" for the plot. But unlike the dupes of Colon "My Lai" POWELL and maybe Condo RICE, this Professor HANSON appears to be a gung ho hoplite - well, the professor wouldn't be a mere infantryman, so what would their leader be called?

His message for CHEENEE's use was something like, a nation needs Perpetual War to keep the populace fired up, a threat from the outside all the time to keep the blood, er, pumping. I'm sure somebody can fill in my simplification.

So with our current SHITLER situation, in which he hasn't hit upon the *war* angle to help him - so far - I had relegated HANSON to that other ancient history, but imagine my surprise to look at my daily gossip tabloid (yes, a MURDOCH property - Page Six and the prior old gossip crew got me there) only to find HANSON with an "Opinion" piece spewing his rationale that just about all of the presidents, especially the Democratic ones, were every bit just as bad behaving or worse than SHITLER. Gawrsh, did you know that HST had a *TEMPER* and that if he had Twitter he would be Twittering every bit like SHITLER?!1

I have not read his books, certainly not his (column?) in some wingnut outlet, but what little I have spelled out as my knowing here has to do with WAR, so now this piece about SHITLER is a turn in his road, showing that he is more than just a high minded philosopher, but rather a willing hoplite in the CAUSE OF SHITLER PERSONALLY.

I thought about not linking to this a-hole and just leaving a clue for looking it up, but we're adults, so just be warned that wingnut crap is linked below for each to click or not, and that a free thinking adult will not be turned to stone at an opposing opinion.


Democratic presidents behaved a lot worse than Trump in the White House
By Victor Davis Hanson March 9, 2019 | 11:33am | Updated

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