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Gender: Male
Member since: 2001
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About STEWART: If he scores for the victims & against Turtle, fine. But he lost me years ago.

When I first became aware of him, I accepted him as one of ours, wasn't particularly a fan of his humor.

Then I was *NON PLUSSED* when he went on CNN's Crossfire and ranted against the format, about how the Lib/Wingnut format was "DIVIDING" us, and then CNN cancelled it. I just didn't know what to think.

Then, what tore it for me was when he did his reaching out to the loathesome Glen BECkkk, who had staged a circus in D.C., with STEWART doing a "reaching out" counter event that was a pitiful post-Hippie crapfest like a Flower Child thing featuring the MythBuster dweebs, plus whatever soap bubble blowing festival crap. It was supposed to counter BecKKK, but was just stupid. As Bill MAHER said about STEWART, "If you're going to have an event, it needs to be ABOUT something."

But what finally tore it for me was when he subsequently went on to "reach out" to O'REILLY, about we should all get along. Third Way CRAP.

I still idolize COLBERT, despite how he went along with the "festival" with STEWART. But STEWART is dead to me.

I don't even care to get to the bottom of whatever his philosophy is and just *GAG* whenever he does his preaching thing on how we should get along or in this case his holier than thou/ higher ground cause is.

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