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In the case of anthropomorphism, Lounge not named as party (Individual No. 1).

DU got it first. The 'paper finally published my letter of 07-15.

Funny how the local crazed wingnut gets at least weekly space, sometimes a couple of times. (Yea, I realize he writes that many.) Here 'tis:


It was said of JFK, ďJohnny, we hardly knew ye.Ē Todayís difference is that we have known way too much about Donald J. Trump from Day 1, more than we ever wanted to know or invited into our lives, and he will be the most surprised of anybody when he realizes how soon and fast the country will completely wipe out all memory of him.

Since that escalator descent and initial shock of his racism, it has been a daily barrage of jaw-dropping incredulity for us. Weíve been through all stages of: Letís understand him; letís see him grow and change; letís see the wider world open his awareness and his heart. And we who knew who and what he was from Day 1 launched into the daily game of Ainít-It-Awful, trading his latest verbal atrocity and diagnoses, and just attacking.

What kind of person would insult Gold Star parents, veterans in general, and any people of integrity, honor, accomplishments, dragging down anybody whom he looks bad next to? Nothing worked against him because there was no need to be complicated ó just no norms, all publicity stunts, and cutthroat tactics. But we are pulling out of this morass and he will be gone. Even his diehard supporters will eventually be rid of him and will be as happy as everybody else.

Both parties used to sort of believe what each said it stood for and what the other one was about. Well, the Republican Party has forfeited absolutely all pretense it has ever claimed to patriotism, veterans support, family values, pro-life, small government, character-matters, and all moral equities.

I donít care about polls, strategies to fight him or what character assassinations he will unleash. But most of all, I wonít count on his losing in November.

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