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Gender: Male
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 64,830

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Questions about Breakout instances - What is the protocol?

* Are Fully Vaxed supposed to keep testing if in mixed settings (not close proximity, masked & unmasked).

* Are "mild" cases dismissed as cold/allergies and going unnoticed/dismissed?

* What's the treatment plan and duration?

* Will the Breakout yield a "boosted" immunity, like with the proposed 3rd boosters?

* Can re-infections occur after a Breakout?

*** ON EDIT: What about companion animals - dogs/cats can catch

*Huzzah* to the Cubans rising up in Cuba and a word to the post-Exiles here

* First of all, congratulations and solidarity to the Cubans in Cuba standing up for themselves, THERE. Finally, after all these years of their suppression.

* Next, to the Exiles protesting here: Consider making it real by somehow *MATERIALIZING* your support physically over THERE. Here's the deal: We Dems/Libs were solid in support of the revolution against the Wingnut dictator BATISTA and welcomed CASTRO and GUEVARRA, even glorified them. But soon thereafter they showed who they were - and forget the "Communism" B.S. - who they were were murderers and fortune stealers for themselves in Swiss banks. Then the First Generation of Exiles here, who were wingnuts in their own country to start with, turned against JFK and the Democratic party over the Bay of Pigs, and became willing tools for the old CIA and our wingnuts here. Then followed endless pains in the neck to us Dems from both sides - the CASTRO provocations (e.g., the Mariel dump, pokes in our eyes with USSR) and the Exile-CIA generation going full Repuke here. Not to mention that the Cubans got perks with immigration policies that other nationalities (say, Mexico) did not get. Plus, such benefits as Cuban-Americans advancing with lightning speed for top political offices (U.S. Senators), leap frogging over other minorities (say, Mexican-Americans).

* So, now that it's safer and your compatriots in Cuba are risking their all, perhaps you might consider going back, this time using your now more refined Right Wing doctrines in ways that are not oppressively dictatorial. I personally will advocate to support you over THERE.

***** After all, that's where your heart has always been, so from this Bleeding Heart Liberal I just want to bless your heart!

***** Here's a thought: Let's send RUBIO and CRUZ over there to spearhead our aid!

Wow, am pausing to count the times these types of posts have been launched at mine:

*** QUOTE: ***
* derail the thread
* especially obnoxious
* suggest others not care
* (plus the solution: ) move on to another thread, offer a worthwhile contribution *** UNQUOTE ***

* Vindictive Alerts for OPINIONS
* Instigating/participating flame fests
* Preferring to target fellow members here instead of out-there wingnuts

Thanks for identifying, codifying something that really happens, is dared not to be spoken.

Stages of Stewart losing me:

First I took my fellow Dems' word he was one of us, liked the little I saw.

When he occasionally turned fire on Libs I accepted he was just a comedian calling it like he saw it.

Then he tore up CNN's Crossfire on their air about their dividing the country and it got cancelled.

Then Glenn BecKKK staged a phony "uniting America" crapfest and Stewart found it necessary to hold one supposedly from the Left that turned out to be a hippie dippie crapfest with soap bubbles and the Mythbusters. Afterwards MAHER said, "If you're going to have an event it needs to be ABOUT something."

Then he started kissing up to O'LOOFAH about getting along hosting and guesting with each other. Stewart was playing by himself.

**** So I quit him for good. Third way crapper or whatever his delusion is. I wish COLBERT would quit him.

Older Americans Month is over. Some whippersnappers can relax.

May was Older Americans Month, elders perhaps not getting so much acknowledgment as other groups or as in other cultures. We might think of them in other terms, such as parents and grandparents or veterans, first responders or teachers. But what about those who figured as a turning point in our personal development and working life?

Have we all known, or perhaps been, young people who thought they did it all themselves and saw predecessors as stepping stones or as being in the way of their ambitions or even obstacles by occupying coveted positions?

Perhaps those in charge now might think about those retired elders, the ones who took a chance to hire you, gave you their hard-won knowledge and experience with an open hand, who risked their own status to support or even defend you, the ones who played by old-fashioned rules of deference to elders instead of pushing in line, who waited their turn, who showed some grace with silence, who taught by example, who stepped aside to make room for you, and who didn’t ask for thanks.

O.M.Z. - he's gone over the edge with his glory hound self-delusion! He equates himself with the

*COUNTRY*! And whoever wrote the link to the blurb (him?) calls his life an odyssey and makes him out to have been a journalist of *magnitude*!

He. was. a. *FLUNKY* at the most! We Dem junkies were thrilled when he came on the scene in '88 with Hardball the book, thinking we had a tough DEMOCRATIC operative to lay low the opposition. HAH - I can count on one pinkie nail the times he praised CARTER, while he slathered all over RAYGUN, Nancy, and Shrub non-stop.

As for his surfacing to "peddle jams and jellies" (credit Carol CHANNING) and somebody posting they hope nobody on MSNBC gives him air, compare to how DONAHUE hosted him for one of his AmCiv101 books and soon was gone from MSNBC (below).

I monitored him closely for five or more years and had him pegged long before his crash proved it out, to wit:

***** Etymology of "Tweety". During Campaign 2000 the media noise machine was swooning over the nicknames Shrub was giving some of them. Media Whores Online ran a contest to nickname Chris MATTHEWS. In the first three or so weeks, there was no clear, catchy front runner, with "The Screamer" sort of leading. Then one of MATTHEWS's own Hardball staff leaked to MWO that they themselves called him "Tweety" because of the Clairol shade of hair coloring he favored. This was immediately declared the winner. But in some quarters, it wasn't entirely satisfactory. For one thing, by the time the name was declared, the shade had changed to platinum, leading to a suggestion he be called "Carole LOMBARD".

   Plus, "Tweety" sounded too affectionate. 

His Misogyny.  Then M-TV held its 20th or 25th or whatever anniversary, and all the cable echo chambers were doing segments of Britney shedding her duds down to almost nothing. Not to be left behind, Tweety followed suit, with a guest "culture" commentator from Time Mag, the young humor columnist, Joel STEIN. The staff kept re-running the Britney clip, and Tweety was clearly DROOLING disgustingly. STEIN said, "You're beginning to creep me out." Tweety responded, "Yeah, well, wait till YOU're 50." This led to the suggestion that "Tweety" be modified to "Tweezer" to retain the hair reference while canceling out the affection factor and also adding the (dirty old) "geezer" angle.
Back when, misogyny was a wink-wink/smirk-smirk thing among the old style flunkies like him, there were many examples of his, with HRC being his prime target for years until she was becoming a real contender, when he yearned to host her, but the bridges had been burned. 

But here's a vignette from back in the day, regarding his wife Kathleen. He deigned to host her or let her co-host a segment or so, this time with him and another recycled miscreant Mike BARNICLE. She was standing like at the front of a class and they two were sitting like the smirking, spit-balling, Catholic schoolboy-jerks that they really are. She trudged through her presentation, taking her subject seriously while the two of them smirked, giggled, and mocked all the way. But regarding Kathleen, he exemplifies one signature characteristic of misogynists: Despite the obviously hostile behaviors, they claim to adore, honor, put-on-a-pedestal women. And Tweety frequently does that over-compensating, protests-too-much thing by referring to her as, "MY QUEEN." 
*************So flash forward decades to the TWITLER atrocious era, specifically calling Senator WARREN “Pocahontas.” Tweety hosted her soon after a TWITLER episode of it, besides a manic outburst of his sputtering interrupting, almost giggling every time he said that name, catching himself each time then protesting that it was a horrible thing, like Beavis/Butthead giggling at a dirty word. So WARREN kept to the high road and that TWITLER was not going to silence her. So then he struck, like when he lashed out at DONAHUE. He was in bursting giggle mode and said, "So, for you 'Pocahontas' will be like a clarion call for you to come charging out!1" and he busted his gut. WARREN looked sucker punched. 

Darrell HAMMOND "Doing" Tweety on SNL. Tweety's ego was massively stroked after the debut of HAMMOND's impersonation of him, either in 2001 or 2002. He said, "I am now an ICON: I have been 'done' on Saturday Night Live'." The funniest line in the debut was HAMMOND as Tweety, cracking himself up with, "For the ... FIFTY ... people who watch this show...” (Hardball, not SNL). In the first few times HAMMOND featured him, the target was Tweety himself -- manically interrupting, spitting, and drooling. However, the characterization evolved, not true to the original, where Tweety became the "rational" character surrounded by oddball, extremist "guests", with HAMMOND-Tweety shaking his head in disbelief at their partisan spin.   

"Turning" from Being a Democrat. He (like G.E.RUSSERT and Pat CADDELL) still trades on having been a Democrat in the CARTER/O'NEILL era. In the hothouse of big time political flunkydom, STATUS and POWER come from the SUCCESS of your boss. RAYGUN kicked Tweety's bosses' rears, and Tweety gravitated to admiring that "success". When he started up his media career he was mentored by G.E. RUSSERT, who had himself already started "turning" by "reaching out" to LIMBOsevic and expending his formerly-Lib-bleeding-heart on those poor wingnuts who had been maligned and marginalized by the Liberal Elite, lo those many years. Tweety started doing video valentines to RAYGUN, promenading arm in arm with Nancy. He might have tapped into the frenzy of the FAKE impeachment, but "hatred of the CLINTONs" isn't what made him turn. The last time he was identifiably a Democrat was sometime around 1988 when Hardball (the book) was published.  Throughout the year of Campaign 2000 he savaged the Dem candidate daily and went on to years of bromance over Shrub, renouncing any Democratic heritage.  He said his parents were “cloth coat" (Rethugs), and that basically what first drew him to the Dem side was Irish-Catholic pride over JFK.  Not ideology, not idealism.  He said the reason he joined the Peace Corps was specifically to avoid going to Vietnam. 

How Tweety "Executed" DONAHUE on MSNBC. Tweety was on his book tour for another one of his "books" (large type, wide spaces between lines, blank half-pages). It was in the jingoistic hysteria in the run-up to the illegal Iraq attack. The book was about supposed "Americanism" -- an American Civ 101 ripoff about books and movies and cultural stuff that are essentially American (think, "The Great Gatsby" ). So Phil welcomed him as a colleague and peer on Phil's MSNBC show for the full hour to plug the book. From the moment he appeared, there was a strange, deadly snake look in Tweety's snake eyes. Phil was walking around the audience, apparently not sensing anything, while Tweety was motionless, following him only with his eyes. Phil brought up something or other questioning blind, kneejerk jingoism, and Tweety STRUCK! He started out with venom dripping, "You see, THIS is EXACTLY what's wrong with YOU Liberals: You are NEGATIVE about this country, you find NOTHING good about it," and on and on. It took awhile before Phil figured out what was happening. Later, Phil, devastated and spent, was sitting at the table with Tweety and, weaker and weaker, did some of his trademark shoulder shrugging and arm waving. Tweety delivered the coup de grace, "What's THIS (mimicking the movements)??!! What's with the --APE-- movements???!" Days or a week or two later, Phil's cancellation was announced and took effect. 

How Tweety "Triggered" a Gun Incident (re: Kathleen WILLEY). At the height of the FAKE impeachment, Ms WILLEY claimed that a mystery jogger had threatened her or her cat or somebody, with the insinuation that there was a CLINTON connection. Several months later, there was gossip that the jogger had been identified. Tweety hosted her and it appeared they had discussed the identity off camera. He tried mightily to get her to say the name on the air, which she wouldn't do. Finally, he himself blurted it out, "Was it (Name/Surname)?" She wouldn’t confirm it. Within days there was a bizarre incident, with the mentally disabled brother of Pat and Bay BUCHANAN going with a gun to the house of the supposed jogger named by Tweety, where there were only some foreign exchange students present. Later it was determined that the person Tweety named on the air had NOTHING to do with the supposed jogger incident. 

"Heroes" Tweety and Tom DeLAY. In the aftermath of the 07-24-98 shooting of two Capitol police officers when the slain officers were duly eulogized and called heroes, Tweety latched on to this, the way we have seen him attempt to glorify himself in other instances: Like saying he was assigned to Africa in the Peace Corps and "WALKED THE SAME GROUND" THAT CHURCHILL had passed through. Or when he said, "I am an ICON! I have been 'done' by SNL!". So now that the Capitol policemen were being called heroes, Tweety came forward to say that HE had been a Capitol policemen, TOO, JUST LIKE THEM, when he was starting out. It turns out that he had worked a (temporary?) job for three months as that. In all the years before the officers were shot and eulogized, he probably NEVER referred to that job, most likely thinking of it as a rent-a-cop turn, until he could see in retrospect the glory that he had been DESTINED to from the beginning.  

But he is not the only glory hog. When that incident was happening, the news of the moment reported that Tom DELAY had hopped a plane out of town and immediately turned around in Houston when the incident was over. This show of courage is why he has been dubbed, "Tom-DePLANE!-DePLANE!-DELAY".  But searches of countless news reports of that time show no mention of the hopping-the-plane. Only this is left: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/national/longterm /... "...House members, many rushing out of town, did not have to remain behind. DeLay slipped out the main door of the Capitol less than 15 minutes after the shooting. He looked stricken. Asked if he'd seen anything, he said, "Did I ever. I don't want to talk about it." Aides rushed him into his waiting car. ...."------------

SNL getting hosted by Elon MUSK in 2 weeks. NOTE to him and other whack billionaires:

The Romans had their share of humongous egos, but at least they took a stab, so to speak, at humility by having somebody saying, "Remember, you are human/mortal" next to the maniac having a glory day.

We've just gotten past one supposed billionaire thinking he deserved anything he wanted, yes even pocketing "honors" and knickknacks like hosting SNL. Well, MUSK, Mark CUBAN, et al., your vast material success and even the accomplishments that got it for you are their own thing, NOT transferrable to other endeavors or marks of honor and glory - or *SERVICE*.

If you're not naturally lovable, gracious, or humane your accomplishments and material success can't buy or appropriate them for you - not even stupendous charitable donations.

You can afford to hire somebody to do nothing else except to stand next to you and whisper in your ear, "Remember, you are human/mortal," until you get fed up and have them executed.

There was this dude in line to pay for a set of golf clubs and he was playing to the gallery about making sure everybody knew it and how he had cash to burn, and said to the minimum wage cashier, "The difference between a boy and a man is the price of their toys." She and everybody ignored him.

A Roman emperor played at being in the theater, another at being a gladiator, and we had one of your ilk try to own our government. It's been done, MUSK. Just play your games and play with your toys and leave the rest of us alone.


Elon Musk will host SNL in May. Yes, THAT Elon Musk

.... Miley Cyrus will be joining Musk as musical guest on May 8. ....

That said, the show has selected business moguls before, including former New York Yankees owner George Steinbrenner and, of course, former President Donald Trump (before he was president.) ....

As for Musk, the businessman will be able to show off his comedic chops. How exactly that plays remains to be seen, but this certainly is one of the buzzier choices SNL has made lately. It will likely get people to tune in who may not normally watch the show. ....

Musk is no stranger to being in front of the camera. He's popped up in Marvel's "Iron Man 2," in a 2015 episode of "The Simpsons" and in several episode of "South Park."


Hear, hear! -Bravissimo! - sincerely (NO sarcasm) !

ON EDIT: Actually, am saving your perfect post for my future use in the same, all too frequent circumstances:

By PCIntern:: "I will personally contact you and ask you what I’m permitted to think feel and say. In the future, I shall subject myself to censorship in order not to be able to express an opinion which tens of millions of other people possess. I don’t want you to be upset, I don’t want you to be agitated or put upon by me having an opinion or feelings."

Of course, & he thinks they actually like him b/c nobody else hangs out with him!



Two signs that it's that time of life (stage)

Sign 1: Still able to mow my grass, but for now because there's been none to cut since the end of last summer. There was a small sample to do last week and lasted half an hour followed by flat out nap time. Soon it will be blazing hot with voracious growth and lots of scheming about doing it in early evening with mosquitos or early morning if no dew. And spread over 2 or 3 days with three hours flat out after each session. The change in stage of life is coming, meaning contracting it out.

Sign 2: The easy parts have been in the can for years - managing the disposition of material effects, cremation with all arrangements and Will. Getting rid of *things* is easy. The harder part is the PAPERS. Probably everybody knows what "THAT BOX" means - or boxES, of crap residue of the lifetime. Probably nobody would miss any of it and will never study it - we want them to or DO we?!1 Yet, it's a pang to trash it - the scribblings and relationships. Yet all that PAPER, so proximate to *trash* in material worth. But all those biographies and autobiographies of Great People, where every dang detail and scrap was hoarded and precious. And us English majors fantasize about having our psyches dissected - by an UNDERSTANDING, COMPASSIONATE interpreter - down to the cell level and beyond to whatever smaller unit comes.

So then the option rationalized into transferring all the paper onto DISCs and shredding the paper - brilliant! This became a mania of *months* - sorting, chronologizing, scanning all Landscapes into Portraits. Not unexpected but worse was the *RE-LIVING* of every scrap of life.

Turned out into two large sections. So it's all done. Two discs. Binders and hundreds of page protectors donated to Habitat. Special carrying case for the discs, and don't DARE scribble anything else. And who knows what to do with the discs.

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