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Manchin, Sinema, and several Republicans should be _begging_ to vote for the bill by now

Biden or his surrogates should be LOUDLY badmouthing them up and down America - they are keeping us Americans from actually getting something back for our tax dollars. They are harming us. They are anti-American. They are corporate stooges. By the end of it, they should be so lucky as to be ALLOWED to vote for the bill given the public shellacking they would be taking . . .

in my dreams. In a functioning democracy.
Posted by ProfessorPlum | Tue Oct 12, 2021, 08:51 AM (10 replies)

A shout out and thank you to Biden for ending the farce that was the US occupation of Afghanistan

As is obvious, we built exactly nothing there, especially in the decade since our actual purpose for invading, "to get Bin Laden", was completed. Biden had the courage to end this money-sucking fraud, that would have had the same outcome (or possibly worse) no matter when it ended.

Afghanistan is ungovernable, and we are now the 4th or 5th occupying force to find that out, and this was predictable. All I hear about is crying on the BBC and on the news about this "disaster" but this was a con being run on our tax coffers by the military industrial complex, it was always a disaster, and it is better to have it finally ended.

I wish Trump, Obama, or Bush would have had the guts to end it years earlier.
Posted by ProfessorPlum | Wed Aug 18, 2021, 04:39 PM (35 replies)
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