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Today's date is a palindrome AND an ambigram 🤯

F bomb on a highway overpass

So ima driving home from work and see something on this overpass. This overpass doesnít actually go anywhere anymore. It ends in a park thatís the major mixing bowl in Richmond - Bryan Park.

Pickup truck with flags. A banner in the middle that either said Trump or F Joe Biden - spelled full out.

Behind the truck on what Iím guessing was a trailer was a roadside sign. Probably 8í x 6í. The kind with the yellow bulbs to spell out a message.

Letsís go Brandon - I just rolled my eyes.

Then it said F___ Joe Biden - spelled full out.

Didnít get a pic since I was driving.

🎄🕎🎅🏻 Gift Ideas 🎁 Notice I didn't say GREAT gift ideas 😆

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