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Rep. Clay Higgins uses insurrection language in tweet about Trump



Higgins tweet
President Trump said he has "been summoned to appear at the Federal Courthouse in Miami on
Tuesday, at 3 PM."
This is a perimeter probe from the oppressors.
Hold. rPOTUS has this. Buckle up. 1/50K know your bridges. Rock
steady calm. That is all.

ď1/50K know your bridges." Is an organizational code for county level insurrection. This man, who already sought a pardon for the Jan 6 insurrection, is organizing a revolt against the government on Twitter right now. Republicans are active traitors & a threat to our democracy

"The more education you have, the more likely you are to vote for a Democrat"


3 ketchup memes to start your day

"Election Interference"

Watching Fox News and Iíve heard this 3 times.

You will hear this bleed into mainstream media, ya know .... to be fair.

Jesus. Laura Ingrahamís Show is horrible.

Death plays the claw crane game. ⚠️ Language ⚠️


Guess who's graduating from high school today.

I havenít been able to find my I HAVE SPAWNED post from 17 years ago.

Sheís, most importantly, a good person. Sheís an old soul as my wife says. Sheís smart too - top 2% nationally on her SATs (yeah Iím bragging).

Iím going to be a mess at the event Iím sure.

Shooting at high school graduation. Richmond VA. CORRECTION-2 dead

RICHMOND, Va. -- At least five people were shot and two people were taken into custody after a shooting following Huguenot High School's graduation ceremony outside the Altria Theater in Richmond, Virginia, Crime Insider sources told Jon Burkett.

"I've now been told by multiple sources that there 10 victims, five of them are gunshot victims," Burkett reported on CBS 6 News. "The other five are those that were hurt running back inside to the Altria Theater when shots rang out."

Burkett's sources said at least three of the shooting victims suffered life-threatening injuries.

Burkett said it did not appear the suspects taken into custody were high school students.


Mark Meadows has a "biographer"? CNN. The audio on Trump came from their LAPTOP

I canít find a link on this.

Apparently the audio of Trump talking about documents he had and that he couldnít declassify them came from a laptop Meadowís biographer(s).

Ouch! Twitter on the PGA - LIV (Saudis) golf merger

Good thread here.

2 weeks

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