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It must be in the contracts (CBA) Milwaukee Buck's players have catered meals delivered

Bucks coach Mike Budenholzer and general manager Jon Horst are keeping players focused on improving every day in some way. Part of that includes consistent interaction with Bucks director of performance Troy Flanagan, who is working with the staff to keep players on track.

"So, obviously, they give us bands, a bike," Antetokounmpo said. "They provide us with workouts that we can do at home and also provide us with food. They have a catering company that brings us food for us and our families in the house.

"That's pretty much it," he continued. "We're supposed to stay home, do our workouts, take care of our bodies at home, and that's pretty much it."


April 3rd is World Party 🌍 & Find a Rainbow 🌈 Day - joyful celebration and find a ray of hope

The whole album "Goodbye Jumbo" 1990 is quite good.


❤️ Ponce Green, housekeeping manager at a Richmond Marriott, did this

RICHMOND, Va. -- The housekeeping manager at the Richmond Marriott Downtown had a simple, but powerful message he wanted to send co-workers. Instead of writing it out in a staff email, Ponce Greene let the light tell the story.

"Tough times don't last, but tough people do!" Greene posted on social media. "In the hospitality industry, we're the toughest. We will rebound and rebuild stronger than ever. Just wait."

Hotel spokesperson Connie Brewer said their rooms are not filled with tourists, rather airline crews, medical staffs, and people helping respond to COVID-19 crisis.


Virginia man runs marathon in his driveway

Forrester Safford took social distancing while running outside to a whole new level.

He completed the distance equivalent of running a marathon while running almost the entire distance from his own driveway.

His inspiration for the run came from a man in France who ran a marathon at his apartment.

“I read an article the other day about a guy in France that ran a marathon on the top of his apartment complex, on the roof,” says Safford. “I just kind of looked at the driveway, and I was like I wonder if I can do this without getting sick as far as dizzy or hurt. I didn’t want to get hurt either. So, I just decided to do it.”

Forrester Safford started his marathon just after 2:00 in the morning.


DU grammar, syntax, and punctuation experts please help - Trump's letter to Sen. Schumer

LBN thread here

Okay so someone in the White House wrote a letter from Trump to Sen. Schumer.

I'm in no way an expert so I'm asking if my reading of this is really as bad as I think it is.
Aside from the attacks I mean.

The letter is here

Jared is going to speak! Oh CNN cuts away from Pence. Back for Q&A

with Trump

Looking for an early 2020 Christmas present?

😁 you know, it's funny......MEMES! 🤪

Okay this an ad but I think it's funny

Help me compile a list of RW Obama criticisms Trump has actually done

Leading from behind
Chamberlainesque appeasement
Not drawing a line in the sand
Massive federal debt
Ruining the healthcare system

Please add more

The 6 foot rule of punditry and opinion

If you have a 6 foot wide presentable area inside your home to film = TV
If you have to go outside and film in your vehicle = Facebook
Quality is reflective of space and organization.

And then....there’s this guy. #bookshelves?

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