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Ted Cruz literally does the least he can 😆😁🤪




*I think the piano player is bent on world domination* Thunderclap Newman

When Muppets violently sold coffee (Henson's early work)


And so.... here we are 😆😁🤠

Guess who just got a lot richer....yep Jerry Jones

Jerry Jones’ natural gas company ‘hits jackpot’ as Texas freeze drives up prices
Comstock Resources Inc. has been able to sell gas from its Haynesville Shale wells in East Texas and northern Louisiana at premium prices since Thursday.


The Frisco-based natural gas producer owned by Dallas billionaire Jerry Jones is cashing in on a surge in prices for the fuel as a brutal freeze grips the central U.S., leaving millions without power.

Comstock Resources Inc. has been able to sell gas from its Haynesville Shale wells in East Texas and northern Louisiana at premium prices since Thursday. As demand jumps amid the cold, gas at some regional hubs has soared past $1,000 per million British thermal units.

At the Henry Hub in Louisiana, the delivery benchmark for futures in New York, spot gas traded at $20 or higher on Wednesday morning, according to two traders. That compares with a settlement of $16.13 on Tuesday and just $3.73 a week ago.

Supply for next-day delivery at the Oneok Gas Transportation hub in Oklahoma traded at $1,250 per million British thermal units on Wednesday, according to David Hoy, a trader at Dynasty Power in Calgary. That’s up from $999 on Tuesday, and just $9 a week ago.

Jimmy Kimmel knows his dogs. 😆😳


"No one's ever thought flying to Cancun was a bad idea" sports radio

Doug Gottlieb was sitting in on the Dan Patrick show. He was talking about the NBA All-Star game with a guest, former player I think. The guest said something about players not liking change - having already made vacation plans for Cancun.

Gottlieb “Oh hey! We’re not supposed to discuss Cancun right now. It was planned then it wasn’t then it was the kids. Then it was a bad....look...No one’s ever thought flying to Cancun was a bad idea”

Everyone laughed.

🍸☀️ Cancun Cruz is a riot 🤠💨 -- absolutely HILARIOUS (stolen) meme

😆 Ted Cruz honestly surprised so many people want him around 😆

Opinion by Alexandra Petri


I, Ted Cruz, am hearing now that my decision to go to Cancun while Texas is devastated by a winter storm and when millions remained without power was — wrong!

This has been very confusing for me. I was just doing what I thought made sense, based on my entire life’s experience of how people respond to my being somewhere, which is to say: They get mad that I am there and say they want me to leave.

Seeing Texas in crisis, my reasoning was that the last thing anyone would want would be for me to show up. I assumed that the only thing that could make everyone’s experience worse would be the addition of Ted Cruz. “My power is out… I am breaking up my furniture to burn it… and Ted Cruz is here!” That third thing would be the thing that broke you, I think.

It has been a new experience for me to see people upset that I am NOT there rather than simply upset that I am there. Indeed, seeing people roundly denouncing me for going away from them during their time of trial has been… confusing and bittersweet. It really sounds like they wish I were there, but that can’t be it, can it? I know that can’t be it.

Obviously, if you are about to change the habit of a lifetime and be angry that I am absent instead of present, I am excited about it! I am coming back now! And I have an enormous collection of cans of soup! I promise I will never leave your side again.

NASCAR now has a carbon neutral team

Roush Fenway becomes 1st carbon neutral NASCAR team


DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. -- Roush Fenway Racing set a goal to reduce its carbon footprint even as it raced a pair of gas-guzzling cars all across the country.

Roush Fenway on Thursday announced its carbon neutrality certification according to the PAS 2060 standard, verified by independent third party ERM CVS. Roush reached the status throughout its entire organization, including operations and its two race teams, for 2020.

To become carbon neutral, RFR set a goal to recycle 90% of every race car, including oil, rubber, aluminum and carbon fiber. The organization has reduced its overall waste produced by more than 100 tons over the past decade, switched to LED lighting throughout its campus, reduced energy consumption costs through computer-controlled HVAC systems and installed reflective roofing membranes to reduce solar heat gain.

Newman (the driver) noted that once a week he picks up 15 gallons of trash from the road in front of his North Carolina farm. He fills 5-gallon buckets with wrappers, bottles, beer cans and bags from fast food restaurants and convenience stores.

"It's sad that people can be that nasty," Newman said.
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