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Hey Laaaadies!!! or anyone to whom this applies ..... of course. 😉

The Battle of Covfefe Hill.

Sorry if this has been posted already. Been busy all day finishing up the move.

WARNING - you may not be ready to see this much Freedom 😁🇺🇸☄️

Yet another Ivanka meme 😆


Just wondering. %?

I call my late late dinner tonight "Mother and Child Reunion"

We are moving tomorrow. Got finished finished packing about an hour ago. My wife made a bunch of food over the weekend so can eat what we want. No time for dinners.

My meal - sliced chicken and egg salad sandwiches.

The big move starts tomorrow at about 1.

Saw this on Betty Bowers Facebook page 😆

It's Bobby Bonilla Day! July 1st $1.193 Million from the NY Mets

Bonilla played for the Mets in 1999. Braves 2000. Cardinals 2001.

He structured his one contract with the Mets to pay him $1.193 M a year on July 1st until 2035.


😁 🇺🇸 "Let Freedom Ring" 🔔 ☎️🇺🇸 ......MEMES !!! 😄

😁 Kansas kids' lemonade stand raising cash for detained migrant kids

Two Kansas siblings are turning a lemon of a national crisis into lemonade.
Ben Wilson and his 8-year-old brother, Carter, are raising money for immigrant children at Mexico border facilities.

“We are just selling lemonade to people for $1 each and all the money that would be made from it would go to kids at the border,” 10-year-old Ben Wilson told the Kansas City Star.

“I just hope they can have a normal life in America,” said the fourth-grader.

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