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underpants's Journal
underpants's Journal
November 30, 2019

THE 56. Team up north 27



November 30, 2019

Police: Gun goes off at Va. Walmart as it falls off man's pants

MIDLOTHIAN, Va. (AP) — Police in Virginia say a small handgun went off inside a Walmart restroom when it fell out of a man’s pocket as he pulled up his pants.

The Richmond Times-Dispatch on Wednesday reported the gun went off after it hit the floor Tuesday at the store in Midlothian, prompting an evacuation and police response.

Chesterfield police Lt. Brad Conner says two other customers in the restroom were not hurt. The round went into a bathroom stall. Conner says gun owner Clifford C. Shook Jr. left the store without notifying anyone of the situation.

The 66-year-old Shook has a concealed-carry permit. He is scheduled to appear in court Dec. 9 on a misdemeanor count of reckless handling of a firearm.


November 29, 2019

Now is NOT the time..... well this could be a good prank gift

for Repub friends, family, or coworker. Sooner or later they'd HAVE to get tired of this

As Seen On TV E-0722 President Trump Talking Clock, 10 in. Diameter
by As Seen On TV

It's time...to protect our People and our borders
It's time...to bring jobs back to America
It's time...for affordable healthcare and Tax cuts
It's time...to make America great again
Repeats 3x, Let's make America great again

November 28, 2019

Alan Moore is a busy man 😆

November 27, 2019

We adopted a dog today

First dog for the family. Our last cat passed Dec. 7 last year. The girl passed August 23 2017 - two days after the eclipse.

SPCA. $280 out the door. We bought everything we could at the SPCA shop and rounded up a bit. They don't sell food. Really really great people. My daughter has volunteered there.

I got there 15 minutes after my wife and daughter. They got to the SPCA when it opened at noon. They'd already looked at one dog but it was really high maintenance and not good with kids. Around the corner to our meeting room came this dog....and I KNEW we were going home with it. Mostly beagle and my wife LOVES beagles.

He was found in Hanover county north of Richmond. Transferred from Hanover to the Richmond SPCA on Monday.

About 3 years old. 28.6 pounds. Very well mannered. VERY quiet including walking. Seems to be housetrained. Understands "sit" but lays down. When I have gone into the downstairs 1/2 bath or into the garage he runs upstairs thinking I somehow MUST be upstairs. Hilarious.

We lucked out but then timing is everything.

November 25, 2019

Not sports really - NFL player left game due to anxiety issues

Anxiety-related illness forced Eagles RG Brandon Brooks out of game

PHILADELPHIA -- Eagles right guard Brandon Brooks was forced out of Sunday's game against the Seattle Seahawks due to an illness related to anxiety.

Brooks, who has been open about dealing with anxiety, took to social media Monday to address what happened.

"I'd like to address what happened yesterday," he wrote. "I woke up, and did my typical routine of morning vomiting. It didn't go away like it normally does, but I figured it would calm down once I got to the stadium. It did, but I felt exhausted. The nausea came back, and I tried to battle through it and went out for the first drive. The nausea and vomiting came back until I left the field, and tried everything I could to get back for my teammates but just wasn't able to do it.

"Make no mistake, I'm NOT ashamed or embarrassed by this nor what I go through daily. I've had this under control for a couple of years, and had a set back yesterday. The only thing I'm upset about is that when my team needed me, I wasn't able to be out there with and for them. Lastly, I appreciate the support of my coaches, teammates and fans. It doesn't go unnoticed."


November 22, 2019

Ex-Vikings kicker Fred Cox, inventor of Nerf football, dies at 80

Kicker Fred Cox, the Minnesota Vikings' all-time leading scorer and the inventor of the Nerf football, died Wednesday at the age of 80, the team announced.

Cox never missed a game in 15 seasons for the Vikings from 1963-77. He finished his career with 1,365 points and led the Vikings in scoring for 11 consecutive seasons. In addition to winning the final NFL Championship Game in 1969, he also went to four Super Bowls with the Vikings -- all losses.

In 1972, while still playing for the Vikings, Cox came up with the idea of a soft football to prevent leg injuries to kids. He and partner John Mattox, a local entrepreneur, took a mold of a full-sized football and injected it with soft foam rubber material. The result was the Nerf football.

"The weight was right," Cox told Vikings.com several years ago. "When you threw it, it flew like a football."

He and Mattox took their sample to Parker Brothers, which had produced the earlier round Nerf balls, and they loved it.


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