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WHAMAGEDDON starts today December 1st

Richard Marx (the singer) comments on Biden's injury

The comments (Similar injuries) are hilarious.


Don Jr. to the rescue -- GOTV in Georgia because Dad is a moron

Donald Trump Jr. aides launch super PAC as Georgia worries mount


The president's son stars in a new ad campaign as Republicans worry Trump's voter fraud accusations will depress GOP turnout in the Senate runoffs.

Advisers to Donald Trump Jr. are launching a super PAC to prod the president’s supporters to vote in the upcoming Georgia Senate runoffs, as Republicans grow concerned that Trump’s backers will boycott the elections.

The super PAC will air its ads only on conservative radio and TV stations to reach Trump loyalists. The organization is investing six figures to run the first ads on radio stations statewide, and later this week it will begin cutting TV and digital commercials with the younger Trump.

During a Saturday appearance in Marietta, Ga., Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel got into a back-and-forth with Trump supporters who told her they saw little reason to vote in January because in their view the races had already been “decided” in the Democrats’ favor.

🌲Have a Willie Nice Christmas 🤪🎼🎅🏻

(Verse 1: Kacey Musgraves)
I'm gonna wrap my presents up in red bandanas
And leave some special cookies out for Santa
Throw my troubles to the wind 'til we're back on the road again
Here's to finding your own little piece on Earth

(Chorus: Kacey Musgraves)
And I hope you have a really
A really, really, Willie nice Christmas
If you're in Luckenbach or Waikiki
Yeah, I hope you have a really
A really, really, Willie nice Christmas
And may we all stay higher than the angel on top of the tree

(Verse 2: Willie Nelson)
Don't get caught up in the hustle and the bustle
This time of year ain't supposed to be so stressful
Here's to easily silent nights and finding your own paradise
'Cause whatever family, might call your own

(Chorus: Both)
And I hope you have a really
A really, really, Willie nice Christmas
And may it be a lot more green than blue
Yeah, I hope you have a really
A really, really, Willie nice Christmas
And, Willie, Happy New Year, too

(Bridge: Kacey Musgraves)
Have a Willie happy Hanukkah
Feliz Navidad-ukkah
A Willie happy Kwanzaa 'cause it's all the same
A Mele Kalikimaka, hey
Whatever way you wanna say
Just have yourself a

(Chorus: Both)
Really, really, really
A really, really, Willie nice Christmas
Whether you're in Luckenbach or Waikiki
I hope you have a really
A really, really, Willie nice Christmas
May we all get higher than the angel on top of the tree
And may we all stay higher than the angel on top of the tree

I spent 8 hours listening to Christmas songs in a car and I have some questions

We drove back from Georgia on Saturday. 550 miles - 7 1/2 hours - 1 stop. Nothing but holiday songs on satellite radio.

What are the odds that all the angels would be named “Harold”?

“My Favorite Things” I’m told this is a holiday song because “The Sound of Music” is during the Christmas season. Okay I’ll skip over the Nazi Christmas thing and ask ——
How many dog bites and bee stings did people suffer back then? Was it THAT MUCH of a regular thing?

In 1985 there was some uncertainty about whether people in Africa actually knew that it was Christmas, did we ever get a confirmation on that?

Please add any other questions you might have.

Fox News has a Hallmark Christmas movie - no really. 🌲

Move over, Hallmark: Fox Nation to debut original Christmas movie featuring ‘Fox & Friends’ hosts


Fox Nation's first original holiday movie, “Christmas in the Rockies," makes its debut this week and will feature cameos from "Fox & Friends" co-hosts Steve Doocy and Ainsley Earhardt

“Christmas in the Rockies” follows the journey of Katie Jolly, a driven young woman with aspirations to leave her small town of Homewood and her family's business behind for a career in New York City. Katie’s dreams come to a halt when her father’s sudden injury leaves the future of the company on her shoulders. Saddled with Jolly Lumber’s looming financial troubles, she must also navigate the complexities of love and family as well as the pressure to win the annual Lumberjack Competition.

Something mystical - your inner wolves

Just back from Georgia and boy are my eyes tired of seeing ads

Warnock and Ossoff are running very positive ads. The attacks on Perdue and Lofeller are all about corruption and insider trading But I’m not sure if those were campaign ads or third party.

Ossoff’s main ad is him talking about helping Biden succeed for YOU!
Warnock has two ads that hit it out of the park. The dog walking one is very good. His Thanksgiving ad blew me away. Sorry I don’t have links to them.

I saw no Perdue ads. Lofeller is being portrayed as the queen of charity given.
The third party ads are vicious. Ossoff “took money from Chinese Communists and terrorist sympathizers...and hid the money”. I’d heard this ad on the radio. The attacks on Warnock are pure BLACK RADICAL fear mongering and feature Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s “God DAMN America”.

Where did I see these? On the local news from Chattanooga and on Hallmark Christmas movies.

Trump has used the TINY DESK before - said it was "glamorous"

Trump jokes about 'glamorous' tiny desk
Updated 4:07 PM ET, Mon March 27, 2017


"This looks like a child's desk! But that's OK," Trump said
"Very, very glamorous, right?" he joked

Trump claimed America is in 'great shape' amid coronavirus outbreak during rambling White House remarks
Jake Lahut and Sonam Sheth Mar 6, 2020, 2:49 PM


Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex Azar watches as President Donald Trump tosses a pen to reporters during a signing of a spending bill to combat the coronavirus, at the White House, Friday, March 6, 2020, in Washington. (AP Photo/Evan Bucci) (AP Photo/Evan

Today's Hallmark Christmas Movie schedule

Our family is having a ball watching and laughing at these.

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