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What time does Phuxitallup Full (O'S__t) come out to see his shadow?

Is tonight the grand illumination victory parade?

Anyone else having to repeatedly sign up to Sling TV?

This started about a week ago. Not every time but probably 4/5 times I turn on the TV I have to sign in. I think we went months without having to sign in.

Anyone else?

Of ALL the life lessons Trump didn't learn

Per VDOT - traffic on Virginia interstates is down 40%

On a conference call with a related business.

Advertising in the time of pandemic isolation

We've noticed that commercials are already reflecting issues related to social distancing and coming financial hardship

Dodge is offering 7 months internet free
A local Ford dealer is offering 7 years interest free and no payment for 4 months *
Papa John's promises no touch after the oven pizzas
Burger King has "Contactless Delivery"

* these don't appear to be the normal lure and then switch

Right now the Flowbee isn't looking like that bad of idea after all.

Anyone remember "leading from behind"?

Trump puts 'leading from behind' in a bizarre new light

Trump says he's "a war-time president," but he also sees 50 commanders in chief scrambling on their own, while he "looks from behind."


It's been nearly a decade since the New Yorker ran a lengthy piece on the Obama administration's policy toward the Arab Spring, which quoted in passing an unnamed adviser saying the White House preferred "leading from behind" in Libya. The Democratic president never actually used or endorsed the phrase -- he actually said the opposite -- but for Barack Obama's critics, the phrase became a rhetorical staple.

It came to mind yesterday listening to Donald Trump talk about his expectations that state and local governments would take the lead on addressing the coronavirus crisis. Referring to the allocation of resources and equipment, the president said at a White House briefing:

"Again, the state has to be doing this kind of a thing also. We're sort of a, we look from behind a little bit and we look at how are they doing, and if they need help, we do it. But it's their first responsibility."

It's among the bewildering postures the president has embraced as the crisis has intensified. On the one hand, Trump, pointing to the pandemic, has declared himself to be "a war-time president." On the other hand, Trump apparently envisions a governing model in which 50 commanders in chief scramble on their own, while he and his team "look from behind

OAN reporter got two questions

The first - Trump mentioned the network - his poll umbers and virus ratings are great but some networks don't want to cover these press conference.
He thanked her for such a great question

The second - basically read his tweet today about ratings but yet some networks don't want to broadcast these press conferences.
He went off on CNN. Several minutes.

EASTER was just moved to April 30th

per Clustertrump. He just announced that guidelines are being changed to April 30th.

Trump just accused hospitals/med centers of maybe stealing and selling masks

After one of the CEO's spoke on masks demand going from 10-20k per week to 200-300k at individual locations.

Trump steps up and says to th reporters "Someone should look into that. How do you go from using 10,000 in a week to 300,000? Are some of these going out the backfdoor? (Talking down to the press) Someone should look into that. To me that doesn't make sense to me".

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