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Like a Roger Stone!

They've had it coming for a LONG time.

Aw, two little orange balls!

That was a sad day. I couldn't watch.

I guess my order would now be Vapid NonStarter Latte.

And they're three of the biggest takers of money from Deripaska's pal, Leonard Blavatnik.

The other two big ones are at the state level (Kasich in Ohio and Walker in Wisconsin), and one's dead (John McCain).

Btw - they were talking about Mnuchin attending a party on Deripaska's yacht,

Mnuchin insists it was only ONE such party ... Remember the last time we heard about this?

Rachel Maddow did quite a piece on it, over a couple of days, following this pretty young model who said she had tapes of meetings between I believe Deripaska or Len Blavatnik - ON a yacht, with what she thought were Americans because they spoke fluent English.

She was taken into custody at an airport by a bunch of Russian security guys, physically pushed onto a wheelchair and bound, and taken away. Then the next time we saw her she was apologizing to Deripaska for saying anything bad about him and swore she would never say a word again.

Do you suppose Mnuchin was on that yacht meeting with those skeevy dudes when that young woman was present?

Was it THAT yacht? And THAT bunch of dirty guys?

Deripaska's pal, Blavatnik being the guy who's invested A TON of bucks on Lindsey Graham, Marco Rubio, John Kasich, Scott Walker, AND the most money by far - on Mitch McConnell?

YES! GOOD to see this coming out in other places now!

From January 11th -



I'm a big fan, too.

Have been for years.
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