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Feedback like this actually gives me a little hope.

Thanks for the report, Danmel!

Btw - don’t EVER be reluctant to speak up and lodge a complaint about the nauseating proliferation of Pox Noise. I got that damnable channel taken off the TV monitors in my local bank branch that way. I’m a regular customer. And I complained several times. One fine day I strolled in to do some business and guess what I saw? All the TV monitors in the place were now tuned to CNN!

DO NOT feel reluctant to complain! It might actually produce results. Either that, or, you then can be sure they don’t deserve your patronage any longer. It can serve as a “Sorting Hat” to help you “cull the herd” of businesses you no longer have to patronize as a result, now that you know where they stand. I learned that in the post-Watergate era - with the “don’t buy books by crooks” movement. Knowledge is power.

Righteous anger - absolutely.

I’ve been arguing with a colleague who admits to voting for trump, but strictly because of Pence. Yeah, cute excuse, I know. This person criticized me for being “SO Angry!!!” As in - “you are SO Angry, calimary!” As though that’s some forbidden and entirely unreasonable reaction that I’m evidently not allowed to have.

Well, guess what? Yeah. I’m angry, dammit. You bet yer ass I’m ANGRY! WAY Angry! Deal with it, pal. Anybody who ISN’T furiously angry about what this schmuck and his supporters and excuse-makers and trolls are doing to this country and its institutions (the same small-d-democratic institutions that have seen us through war, death, destitution, and despair in most of the past decades) is living in some Aggrieved White Fantasyland. Or America’s 51st State: the State of Denial!

Anybody who ISN’T angry about what’s happened and what this schmuck is doing to this country, our reputation, our moral leadership, AND to our standing in the world - is either asleep, in total denial, and/or actually likes and approves of what’s happening.


Yeah, no kidding!

Oh my God. The Ugly American 2.0 - for real.

He’s an international embarrassment. Night ‘n’ day difference from his predecessorjust had another close friend day the phrase of the era: “I can’t believe I’m actually thinking fondly of dubya... “

For that I think the main remedy is to take back as many governorships as possible.

AND secretaries of state (at the state level, of course). The census is coming up in 2020, and its results determine how congressional districts are reapportioned. We DESPERATELY need Democrats as governors, so the DEMS are in charge when that reapportionment happens. In as many states as possible, and as many state representative seats as possible.

If we controlled Congress again, our side could bring up and push bills to fix things like this at the federal level, but we'd have to have enough Democrats to be able to override a trump veto. Cuz he'd veto it for sure.

YES. She should be thanked! Here are some options:


If he's a "stable genius," what'd he do? Come up with a new recipe for indoor horse shit?

DONE. I added regional contact info, too, since it's been hard to get through in DC. Here:

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