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Member since: 2001
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That's a good one, themaguffin. "Another flavor of Lieberman."

The bigger problem is all those suckers who took the liar at his word.

Yeah. Me too.

What's even more ridiculous is how many people might buy in.

Does he feel had yet? Sold a bill o' goods? Danced down the garden path?

A shame that the train has to crash through ones own living room before one concedes that it was a bad idea to buy the easy-looking shortcut that some slick-talking CONman was selling.

Well worth revisiting, Nance. Another SUPERB piece of writing here!

Not necessarily. Look at John Kasich.

Could also give Gillum a larger platform and higher visibility. And hes still pretty young. Hes far from done.

Still funny - and rather pointed.

Seems like kind of a metaphor.

FANTASTIC cartoon! Sure nails it.

Go AWAY Howard. Youre only gonna fuck things up MORE. Not to mention keeping trump in office and all the rest of us in another four year hostage-hold.
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