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Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 57,828

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Does MySpace even exist anymore?

Good for her!!!

Chocolate and hot tea all day!

Eager to watch and take notes.



The VOTERS favored Clinton.

Yes they should!

I’m guessing once the hearings go live the public will finally wake up - or a critical mass of the public will have a “come to Jesus” moment and realize that this treasonous, ignorant, deceitful, self-absorbed, and totally unfit SOB needs to be shown the door. Gotten rid of. Summarily rejected and EJECTED. Period. Full stop.

He already starts low in the favorability department. It will drop. Enough to shake a few more republi-CONS loose from their comfy state of denial.

Sometimes truth won’t be denied.

First thing I thought, too, Poiuyt!

And I'll bet they get paid a little.

That’s what he did with the escalator “debut”. All those “supporters” on both floors were paid to be there and cheer.

Cry baby, cry!

How can I respect the office now, anyway?

There isn’t a legitimately elected president occupying it.

We’re all under occupation right now.
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