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Just means we ALL have to be on our guard.

Toward the end of the story, the claim is made that a "'self-described liberal troll' who creates fictional stories to try to fool conservative readers" is responsible for this particular fake news. Just wants to fuck with 'em, 'eh? Seems a wee bit idiotic to me. A lot of those jerks believe anything about Democrats, liberals, progressives, President Obama, Hillary Clinton as long as it's negative. Why on earth feed them more phony-ass encouragement or validation?

...but damn, there sure is a lot of smoke.

Understatement of the new century.

What I donít get is the same thing that one of the reporters asked Miz Sarah at a very recent White House press briefing:

ďHow is this NOT collusion???Ē


Donít even want to imagine that!

Glad this is getting out.

Snopes.com debunked it all, too, for all the good thatís done.

I swear - if the Lord our God came down from Heaven to debunk it, most of the Deplorables still wouldnít believe it.

Absolutely glorious!

What a treat! Iím gonna go read it again!

Kicking again.


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