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I think they hate you (and me) because they think we're "babykillers."

Because we're pro-choice. (I'm guessing you are, as well, so forgive me if I'm presuming wrongly.)

But then I want them to explain why a diddler is better, and more acceptable than someone who simply believes that a woman's body is her own. These days, with this groundswell of new consciousness of sexual assault, I think that particular talking point needs to be expanded dramatically, loudly, and constantly! After all, WHOSE body is it anyway? The woman's, or the groper's? The woman's, or the molester's? The young girl's, or does it belong to the local bigshot with a case of entitlement and a taste for the young and "unspoiled"?

And if indeed someone claims so earnestly to be "pro-life," then I want to know where they stand on the death penalty.

If indeed someone claims so desperately to be "pro-life," then I want to know where they stand on the Ultimate Mother - MOTHER EARTH, and the survival and sustenance of OUR PLANET?

If indeed someone claims so emphatically that they're "pro-life," then I want to know about their stand on all this saber-rattling from their so-called "pResident", and what looks like a developing hard-on for war?

If indeed someone claims so earnestly to be "pro-life," then I want to know where they stand on life-sustaining/family-sustaining programs and other supports for children? And for single heads-of-households, the vast majority of whom are women whose men ran out on them, or killed in action or by overzealous cop, or incarcerated? Those families still need help! Yet they're the first targets for budget cuts. THAT is NOT "pro-life," no matter what your excuse is, or your pre-fab GOP talking point that you heard on hate radio is.

Pro-embryo, okay. If they want to call it that, then good. At least they'll be honest and accurate. But with a "belief system" like some of these deplorables assert, "pro-life" is the absolute LAST thing I'd call them.

Welcome to DU, Fish Barrel!

First post here! Welcome to the club!

Stories like this one make me want to scream - "okay, have we seen enough yet?????"

Welcome to DU, disalitervisum!

I get that. It must be rock-solid.

But at the same time, how long will this take? So far he's still got plenty of time to start World War III with North Korean and get us all killed. And so far, nobody who could actually do anything about it on that side of the aisle seems the least bit interested. They're a lot more interested in dragging their feet long enough to make sure their rich benefactors get their promised tax cuts.

Jefferson Beauregard Gonzales.

I haven't heard that many "I don't recall" utterance since dubya's AG Alberto Gonzales had to sit and answer questions. It was true deja vu. With both men, one feels like saying - "well, what DO you recall? Your name? Where you put your car keys? Who you celebrated with when you got the new job?" I wanted to shout - "for somebody with that high-powered, big-time job, running that level of department, you sure don't know much, do you?"

Only difference this time was that the drawl was much more pronounced with this jerk than with Alberto Gonzales.

And he's ours up here in West L.A., too!

I attended a Veterans' Town Hall event he hosted, last Friday, at the VA in West L.A. It was so moving. Incredible to hear these 14 military veterans - 12 men and two women - tell their stories, recount their memories, describe their agony and their struggle, and earn a number of standing ovations.

Ted Lieu is FREAKIN' AWESOME!!! I've said it before: I didn't think we could do better than Henry Waxman, when that distinguished Westside representative retired after decades of excellent service. But MAN-OH-MAN did we EVER!!!

Welcome to DU, emmett grogan!

Agreed. He has that effect on people, at least when it's not igniting their outrage even further.

Well, why not? Wife #3 is busy as ambassador to the Vatican, so she'll be in Italy all the time!

And when the cat's out of town, the mouse can go find himself a new backstage girl! If he can land some appointment here at home, well, let's check out the candidates for Wife #4 then! Maybe Hope Hicks will be available if trump hasn't reserved her first.

The saddest part of all, in this yet-another horrendous gun massacre story, is

that this story isn't even moving the needle at this hour. Coverage is all-Sessions-all-the-time, so far.

I'm with you, LisaM. You perfectly described me in that second paragraph.

The squandering of a resource like that STILL hurts. I STILL want those brains in the Oval Office. I STILL want that level of achievement, intellect, logic, reason, experience, circumspection, and practicality in the Oval Office. Even while knowing she (and we) won't ever get there. Eventually, just by law of probability, we'll have a woman president someday. She would have been OUTSTANDING as the first one. I wanted HER to have that place in history, I wanted it for me, I wanted it for all the women in America, I wanted it for all the PEOPLE in America. I wanted it for all the women - and all the people - in the world. It'll happen one day, but it won't be Hillary, and we are all the poorer for that. She uniquely had the makings of a world-class-superb president. And we'll never have that.

As desperately as we need it, we'll never have that. And Good Grief does that ever hurt.

I'm with you on something else, too. I don't think I can ever EVER look at or feel the sam about any republi-CON again. My new default on those who stand by trump and/or the GOP at this point is "so what does that say about YOU, then?"

Aw, I'm so sorry to hear this, OKNancy.

Thank you for sharing this with us all. Let all these strong, broad, sturdy pairs of shoulders help buoy you up. You don't grieve alone. Don't forget what our own Skittles once said about this place (which I always found to be helpful and comforting): "Somebody's always here."

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