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Gender: Female
Home country: USA
Current location: Oregon
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 60,606

About Me

Female. Retired. Wife-Mom-Grandma. Approx. 30 years in broadcasting, at least 20 of those in news biz. Taurus. Loves chocolate - preferably without nuts or cocoanut. Animal lover. Rock-hound from pre-school age. Proud Democrat for life. Ardent environmentalist and pro-choicer. Hoping to use my skills set for the greater good. Still married to the same guy for 40+ years. Probably because he's a proud Democrat, too. Penmanship absolutely stinks, so I'm glad I'm a fast typist! I will always love Hillary and she will always be my President.

Journal Archives

Welcome to DU, 1965Comet!

That's hilarious!!!

Yeah, you betcha! He gets the best people! Gee, not even anybody from "Celebrity Apprentice"? Maybe Omarosa can sing and play tambourine or something...

I just noticed something else, as we're on rewatch.

Body language. She's not only sitting there, rigid, basically motionless. Her arms are crossed at the wrist, frozen tightly in her lap. Legs crossed demurely. Okay, two I'm closed signals. Even when her hands are up resting on the table top, they're still crossed at the wrist. Subtly telegraphs "closed". And at one point, her right hand in her lap (left hand crossed over it at the wrist) formed a fist. A FIST! Sheesh!

Milady is Closed, Closed, Closed. Her body language telegraphs "On Defense!" "Guarded!" "Closed!" She's on guard. Uncomfortable. She's not enjoying this. LOVED the Pivot-To-Aleppo attempt when the questioning grew too pointed!

And speaking of pointed...

I noticed something additional beyond that. Notice when she smiles her biggest, most toothy smile - she has fangs? At certain angles, both the canine teeth are rather prominent, and are longer than the incisors and molars around them. Fangs!

And you'll notice she rattles off these long run-on sentences in a monotone.

Occasionally she'll add the name of the interviewer in there between the run-on sentences that sure do keep that needle bouncing, as we used to say about the mic-level meters in the control room.

She also smiles a lot, and flirts a wee bit, and cocks her head coquettishly to one side, probably an unconscious effort to charm-and-disarm ("aw, you don't mean cute harmless little ol' me?". She sat very rigidly while talking to Rachel Maddow. Didn't move much in her chair or gesture. When the camera pulled back to a two-shot, she looked very rigid and guarded, not very comfortable.

I originally felt like watching something else, but I wound up seeing this anyway. Rachel did a good job. She probed. Follow-up questions. I remember when she was interviewing Rand Paul when he was first running for Senate. She asked a question about the conundrum of civil rights laws versus businesses having the "freedom" to discriminate. He answered with the typical bullshit libertarian laissez-faire attitude about not wanting to tell businesses what to do ("so then you think they're free to refuse service to Black people?". He was a Michael-Jackson-meets-Fred-Astaire with a few of the Radio City Rockettes thrown in, as far as how resolutely he danced around that one. But she wouldn't give up. She stayed on that, trying to wring some truth or reality check out of him for the whole 14-or-so minute segment. I'm sure she had a list of other questions to ask him that never got asked, because she bore down on this one to get some clarity from him. Never got any, but it sure made him look like a slippery eel. He wound up winning, so I guess in they must like slippery eels in his state.

But seriously, that's what you're supposed to do, if your subject says something startling or out-of-the-ordinary or full of baloney. You don't just let 'em bounce the needle for 25 or 30 seconds and then basically go to "okay, my next question is..." Shit - you press 'em! At least a little (?!?!).

Welcome to DU, JPPaverage!

My husband refers to her as JodyAnne Jerkmeoff. He was watching her being interviewed this evening on MSNBC. And he turned to me at one point and said - "you know something? I'm beginning to hate her." All I could say was - "take a number."

Another work of art, Nance!

He's ALL YOURS, you assholes! There's nothing you can blame on Democrats from here on. Until perhaps 2018 comes, and that's a midterm-election year, and the party in power tends not to do well. Hope the Dems get their shit together. This is the specific cycle in which one of the two houses of Congress can and often does flip. The first Congressional election cycle AFTER the big-time Presidential election that brought a radical change of leadership two years earlier is often a quickie referendum on "what we think of the new guy." If Dems get a few things right and are shrewd enough to exploit a few things, we could flip the Senate. We're closer now, as of last month, than we were in October.

Sometimes, BOTH Houses get flipped. Which would be sweet, and sweet justice.

Let's hope the new DNC chair is a Fighter. A ruthless fighter. Because we need somebody who won't just roll over and go back to sleep, the way it appears Donna Brazile has. She hasn't stuck her neck out at all. There seems to be nobody home in the control room.

She seems to be serving almost like those seat-fillers at the Oscars do. When some VIP gets up out of his/seat in the audience to go have a smoke or get a drink or go to the bathroom or call home and check on the kids, somebody steps over and fills the seat. There are lots of audience shots during the Oscar telecast, and nobody wants to see an empty seat. So there are people who go to the Oscars all dressed up and elegant, specifically to fill a temporarily vacated celebrity seat. So, it seems, goes Donna Brazile. She's certainly dressed the part. But all she does is step in and sit there. I haven't received a single email from her or in her orbit asking for donations. I've heard from everybody

And it's a damn shame! So what if she's the interim and doesn't expect to be continued. Why not put out for the party ANYWAY? Give it a good hand-off to whoever the new DNC chair will be. As is now, the look and spin on the Democratic Party is one of "laid down and died." They could have sent SOMEBODY to Louisiana! Never mind that it seemed almost a certain loss. Never mind! We needed to show up! ANYWAY! We needed to put up a fight! Contest the damn Senate seat, even if everybody thought we'd lose. Everybody thought trump would lose, too! Doesn't matter! We needed to show Democrats there that we care! And that it's worth fighting for. That THEY'RE worth fighting for!

Welcome to DU, hadEnuf!

I am appalled, too.

There's another way to view this, though. He now has Comey on his hands. And as we've seen, James Comey is a rogue agent. He'll do whatever he thinks keeps his own ass clean.

And Comey's now proven two things:
1) He can't be trusted. He's just as likely to screw over The Donald as he was to screw over Hillary. He's a true wild card. ABSOLUTELY rogue. If its his ass or trump's, guess who wins?
2) He's a shitty manager who can't control his people. He stepped into this mess because he was afraid that other rogue agents in the FBI's New York field office, who were rabid Hillary haters and believed everything in those shit-works filled with lies and smears about Hillary individually and both Hillary and Bill, would leak the details. "Clinton Cash" I believe is the book they regarded as their "other Bible." They were ready to leak this behind Comey's back - maybe they even threatened it - because they hated her that much. And Comey knew it. So it shows these rogues are A) in business for themselves; and B) can't be controlled by the guy who's supposedly their boss.

I doubt trump has even thought that far, nor have any of his underlings who are still drunk with their newfound power and arrogance. They probably assume Comey's their boy. I seriously doubt it. Comey's got his own agenda - one that puts James Comey FIRST. Comey's working for himself.

Insubordination is an ICKY thing to have to deal with as a manager. I know from personal experience, when I had my own rogue agent in my newsroom. She was brand new to the market, thought she knew everything even though she was brand new to the business, and hellbent on getting me removed because she wanted my job (my morning-drive on-air job, not the department head job that came with it - that was dreary as hell). She was also extremely pretty and knew how to make the most of it, and directed all of that toward the program director - who could decide my fate and anybody else's on the air. I decided my best (likely only) option was to get out of range. To jump ship before I was pushed. So I found another gig at a competing station, where the ratings grew after my arrival there.

I doubt The Donald will go to that length to get out of whatever hot seat in which his recklessness and lack of impulse control will plop him. But it will likely come. And Comey won't be a reliable ally or cover. Comey isn't looking out for anybody else's ass but his own.

Welcome to DU, Jacob Boehme!

Sounds like flat-out EXTORTION to me. And this do-nothing Congress will continue to do nothing. They did nothing to help President Obama, and they'll do nothing to impede or contain The Donald.

No one will be more surprised than I will be - if they wind up impeaching him for repeated and flagrant violations of the Emoluments Clause (at the very least). I'd be shocked, actually.

Welcome to DU, dlk.

Yeah, that is indeed a problem. You're not the only one who's said a President Mike Pence would be much worse. He'd do everything he could to impose a Christian Sharia Law, everywhere. Women's rights would be in big trouble. Gay rights and marriage equality would be in even bigger trouble. And I'm sure, if he were given enough time, he'd get around to screwing other interest groups, too. ANYTHING to roll time back to the 1950s... or maybe farther back, all the way to the Old Testament era. Whaddya think? 1000 BC? 2000 BC?

Welcome to DU, Raven123.

Yeah, proof will be needed to get anything done on this. The suspicions are glaring as hell! The 2+2 here absolutely add up to 4 but more is needed. Particularly considering that whoever would prosecute this or usher it through the House or Senate would be a GOPer. And they are loathe to rock the boat now that they "own it all." It would have to reek SOOOO bad that people could barely breathe before something was done.

But if I understand that Emoluments Clause, this is indeed an impeachable offense.

Captain Carotene! OMG!!!

GOOD one, sdfernando!

No. I take that back. It's not "good." It's FUCKING GREAT!!!
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