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Member since: 2001
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The whole miserable lot of them will look good in Orange.

I'd love to know how things are at casa de Clinton.

Champagne, anyone? Certainly with a little twist of schadenfreude, I'd guess.

Welcome to D, YessirAtsaFact!

LOL - love your screen name!

I remember that. "there was a cancer growing on the presidency..." and "it was growing more deadly every day." So spake he. This looks like they're moving into stage 4. Because if this is true, it takes Mueller's investigation all the way up to the top of the food chain. Which sounds pretty doggone yummy to me!

Just the coffee boy, 'eh?

I saw the OP and went WHOOOOOOAAAAAA.

HAH! Watching this clip of trump denying having done this, back on February 16th.

"A shattering moment" for trump 'n' comp. - Senator Richard Blumenthal just now. Dear God, I hope so!

LOCK HIM UP. Hell, don't stop there - lock THEM ALL up!
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