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Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 54,834

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I'm sorry to say this, and I beg everyone's forgiveness, but

I'd have to say, anything by Willie Nelson.

"Always on My Mind" - that twang - OWWWW!

I deeply appreciate his stature in the industry and as a compassionate leading light. But OMG. That twang makes me want to run screaming into the night! I suspect it would liquify the outer shell of any alien ship that came close enough!


Thank God for this thread! I was having a really annoying day! Now I'm laughing my ass off!


Welcome to DU, karend62!

Glad you're here! darrell issa leading an investigation into malfeasance. THAT'S rich!!!


No freakin' shit, sir! It's a badge of honor, honorably earned, to be held in contempt of THIS "Congress."

I'd second that nomination!

He DOES sound like a Badass of the Year! I remember my mom being flattened by kidney stones for entire days at a time. My husband had to go to the ER with one. His skin was as ashen gray as the inside of an old fireplace.

OY (x3)!!! ROFL!!!

Welcome to DU, SarasotaDem!

Glad you're here! YES utterly!!! You just can't stop the tide of reality that will eventually eat away at your sand castle.

Welcome to DU, genwah!

Glad you're here! Coming from the land of Barbara Boxer, I'm always glad to welcome another great thinker and point person. And I do love Al Franken! We do have Feinstein too, which sometimes is good and sometimes meh…

MORE Please!!!!

These are GREAT! A good curse playing out here - "…or your face will freeze that way!" Or - "you get the face you deserve" (usually spoken regarding aging. Here it's not the hardening of the arteries. It's the hardening of the "heart".

For some true enjoyment, read the comments on that original story.

I think it was something like 100 to one along the same lines.

Just for example:




After all, wasn't rummy's "boss" widely referred to as the chimp? Untrained at that, considering how he shat all over the White House, the State Dept, the Defense Dept, the Interior Dept, the Treasury Dept, the Commerce Dept, the Health & Human Services Dept, the Education Dept, the VA, and many many many MANY more. And that's just in THIS country. He completely fucked up two more!

So YEAH, rummy darling, tell me all about those trained apes. Or trained trained. Or trained untrained. Or untrained trained. Or maybe untrained untrained!

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