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Gender: Female
Home country: USA
Current location: Oregon
Member since: 2001
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Female. Retired. Wife-Mom-Grandma. Approx. 30 years in broadcasting, at least 20 of those in news biz. Taurus. Loves chocolate - preferably without nuts or cocoanut. Animal lover. Rock-hound from pre-school age. Proud Democrat for life. Ardent environmentalist and pro-choicer. Hoping to use my skills set for the greater good. Still married to the same guy for 40+ years. Probably because he's a proud Democrat, too. Penmanship absolutely stinks, so I'm glad I'm a fast typist! I will always love Hillary and she will always be my President.

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And the canal zone at the time was considered American territory, and therefore, it qualified

as "American soil." So yes, he qualified, too.

I'm just at a loss - watching the coverage this morning - and NOBODY is bringing up this point. And seems to me it's still a point that needs to be brought up!

Yeah, well I'm still gonna point that out.

And Ahnold could run for Governor. And he did. And he ran our state directly into the ground. Took another Democrat to pull us back out of that abyss of red ink.

You can run for pretty much ANYTHING as ANY non-American nationality - EXCEPT the Presidency.

I realize the GOP sees rules as not applying to them. But the rules are STILL THERE.

But he isn't. So was Barack Obama. Born to an American mother. Nobody counted that in his case.

Why should we make an exception for ted cruz? And he wasn't even born on US soil. Canada is NOT the US. Anymore than Cuba is.

Um, nobody accepted that explanation with Barack Obama although it was true THERE, too.

And Barack Obama was born ON AMERICAN SOIL. ted cruz was NOT. Unless you consider Canada to be part of American soil. Last I looked, Canada was its own separate sovereign country. As NOT-America as you can get, and I'm sure ANY Canadian would agree with that.

Last I looked, Hawaii became a state, our 50th, before Barack Obama was even a twinkle in his parents' eyes.

Yeah, no kidding. Not the kind chuckie likes.

That's MY governor, too. Past and current. It was a pleasure voting for him back then, and it was just as big a pleasure (no, actually, I take that back - it was a BIGGER pleasure) to vote for him again more recently.

But the problem is, he was BORN on NOT-US soil. He was BORN on ELSEWHERE soil.

Panama can be argued as an American possession or territory, so mccain skates through on a technicality. I remember that, too. The canal district was technically American soil when he was born there. I think it isn't considered American soil anymore since Jimmy Carter gave the Panama Canal back to the Panamanians - who are, themselves, citizens of their own separate sovereign country if I'm not mistaken.

Shit - I remember this guy Ray Briem, talk show host on one of the then-powerful and influential AM talk stations in L.A. (KABC-AM). He was the overnight guy, and he was a right-wing crank back when everybody laughed at talk show hosts like him. Ray Briem's signature sign-off was "Don't Give Up the Panama Canal!" He'd say that at the end of every show, after he signed off by name. "I'm Ray Briem. Don't Give Up the Panama Canal!" Every night/morning.

Those were the days. When whack jobs like him got the reaction they deserved - snickers and scoffs and lots of eyeball-rolling. Now, they're paid king's ransoms and feted to the stars at the NAB Conventions and on Bill Maher's show and they have their own cable network (Pox Noise) and they're all big-time and taken very seriously. But back then, in the 70s, they were laughed at. ALL of them subjects of broad based derision and ridicule. Now they're hailed as heroes and patriots and one of 'em just announced on this very morning that he's running for President.

I've already added it to my quotes collection!

This one applies directly to SOOOOOOO many things, in SOOOOOOOOOOOOO many places and situations!!!

Exactly. I'm watching Mrs. Greenspan on the air now. NOBODY ON THERE has yet to make this point.

NOBODY's even brought it up. Er - uh - folks - um, this one's a non-starter. This guy doesn't even qualify. He wasn't US-born.

Yeah, I love that part of it, too. Liberty "University." HAH!

Bullshit straight off the starting block.

But we knew that already.

Well, that fits Barack Obama too, and look how far that carried with these people.

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