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These are ALL great!

He's a true American - or at least what we USED TO recognize as a true American.

Now, unfortunately, many are those whoíve forgotten what that means.

Did you notice - how none of those chicken shit CONS was even man enough to look at him when he was speaking directly to them? They make me nauseous.

I SO love this speech! Schiff's manifesto: "I'm NOT okay with this."

Iím with YOU, Congressman Schiff! IíM not okay with it, either!

Yep. Don't get sick. But if you do, then make sure you die quickly.

And the Deplorables lap it up. So what does that say about them?



His climate crisis priorities really spoke loudly to me.

Like Iíve not quite heard from any of the others. YES several of them have stressed the subject and at least indicate that they take it seriously. (As they SHOULD!!!) but Insleeís all in on it. Itís everywhere in his point of view. But thatís probably because itís like that in my own point of view.

Iíve become a ďPlanet FIRSTĒ type of gal. Because if we donít do something decisive about THIS problem, nothing else is gonna matter much - regarding ANY of our other problems.

Yep! All the way!!!

Thatís a version of whatís been going through my mind since this whole disgraceful sordid misadventure began: ď...and youíre okay with this? This is okay with you?Ē

You and me both, kentuck.

Every time I hear anything or see anything or read anything from these trumpsters, the first thing that pops into my brain is ď...and what does that say about YOU????Ē
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