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I still love Jay Inslee. But I could definitely support Mayor Pete.

Every time I’ve heard him speak I’ve been impressed, and then more impressed. I like his ideas, his take on things. AND his demeanor. He behaves like a serious and thoughtful public servant. He’s presidential already. I can easily picture him behind “that” desk where he’d bring a clear view, an open mind, and wise decision-making to the job. Which is what we need in a President. Someone we could look up to, again. At long last.

That's probably why trump doesn't have a dog.

This soundbite sure is making the rounds of morning TV news!

As it should!

Nance nails it. Again.

If our Dems fail to exploit the crap out of the CONS’ hellbent hankering to do away with the ACA, then they do not deserve to win.

This is being handed to us in a silver parfait glass! With whipped cream and a cherry on top!

Awwwwwwww... posts like this tell me the whole world hasn't gone completely rotten.

Well how 'bout that.

That's the work of Indivisible!

Hey, it could be worse. We could still have a CON-controlled House of Reps.

Satan and Satanette.

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