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He's got some pretty good ones!

And she responded with class, too.

I watched that MSNBC special and she was as graceful as can be. What a contrast!

Well then, EXTRA-Happy Birthday!

Those are good presents!

Welcome to DU, AZ Jim!

I just really like the accountability here. SOMEBODY finally had to pay for really loutish, mean-spirited, trump-ish behavior. Too bad it wasn't him, though.

Welcome to DU, Red Pest!

Love it! And yes, I definitely would like to see that! I yell that at my TV whenever he comes on.

Welcome to DU, Niagara!

Indeed! She didn't mess around. Impressive!

And I do love the irony.

I've seen a number of people on MSNBC say it.

Nicolle Wallace has been pretty impressive in that regard. And she's a Republican. Other fellow conservative commentators, like Steve Schmidt, Jennifer Rubin, Rick Wilson don't hesitate, either.

MAN, he's tried EVERYTHING to obstruct!

There are, and will be, people who still insist there's no evidence, no collusion, no attempts to screw with the investigation. But SHEESH - how many different versions of attempted obstruction have we had SO far?

And it's only Tuesday...

Chelsea is a classy lady, just like her mom.

I remember when she was a young girl - I think a young teen - in the White House. And yeah, she was a bit awkward and gangly like a lot of us were at that age (myself very much included). That beast limbaugh repeatedly referred to her as the White House dog.

There are no words to describe fully or accurately or deeply or profoundly how much I freakin' hate that turd!

And I'm sure she said something similar about Ivanka...

oh wait.
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