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Grifting Opportunity Party (for our own GOP)

Or Grifters' Opportunity Party.

President Hillary Clinton.

There's that gif again...

I LOVE that gif in your sig line!

ROFL - I love that photo!!!

I forget when it first graced the internet. I've been laughing about it ever since!


Lakoff is THE MAN.

It's posted up top, of course,, but sure bears repeating! (Particularly since repeating is part of the strategy!)

I LOVE this part:

The key lesson: when we negate a frame, we evoke the frame. When President Richard Nixon addressed the country during Watergate and used the phrase “I am not a crook,” he coupled his image with that of a crook. He established what he was denying by repeating his opponents’ message.
This illustrates one of the most important principles of framing a debate: When arguing against the other side, don’t use their language because it evokes their frame and not the frame you seek to establish. Never repeat their charges! Instead, use your own words and values to reframe the conversation.
When you repeat Trump, you help Trump.

Make SURE you don't repeat whatever messaging he's trying to imbed in the unsuspecting.

REPLACE IT with something YOU made up. I bet you can think of better and more appropriate substitutes, substitutes that deliver OUR messaging. And repeat it many times. This just made me think back to when I was a kid and had to get a vaccination - which consisted of the doctor making lots of little pin pricks in a small area of skin on the upper arm, and then applying the vaccine to the area thus "tenderized." You need a lot of little pin pricks to absorb that particular medicine, I guess. Well, so do we! LOTS of little pin pricks make it that much easier for whatever WE are trying to spread to be ABSORBED within. And once absorbed, the vaccine gets to work, the medication gets delivered, and the desired immunization is achieved.

Lakoff is THE MAN. Our Man on Messaging. He makes tons and tons of sense. I wish the DNC would hire him to guide our party's messaging!



This makes perfect sense.

And it misspelled "key barf"!

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