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Indeed! Citizenship and a job, too!

And well-deserved gratitude and respect. Excellent!


That tax cut the average individual or family thinks will be such a bonanza will NOT “offset” the resulting expenses to come, from the rest of the damage that trump ‘n’ comp have done. That schmuck and all his little pals just sold ‘em all a big fat lemon.

Yep! You sure did! Good job!

My husband is like that, too. Mighty nice, I must say!

I was decidedly NOT pretty 40-50 years ago. I look better now.

Probably because with age, at the advanced level where topical treatments really don’t help much, anymore, beauty becomes something different.

I find I actually like my crows’ feet and laugh lines. That shows the world that you’ve laughed and smiled a lot in your life. And I love my white hair! It’s been wanting to do that since I was in college.

Back then, I could pluck the stray silver strand. Easy to spot against dark brown hair. But then there started to be so many of them that I turned to hair color to keep things tamed. Spent a fortune in bucks AND time. The TIME it took! Sheesh! I’d be in the salon for almost all afternoon. I reached the point where I just couldn’t afford to take that much time out to get the gray and white out of my hair.

My hair is powerful. Heavy, wavy, medium-texture, and lots of it. Has a mind of its own. Always did. I’d stand at the bathroom mirror with the blow dryer for 45 minutes every morning, to force my hair to do what I wanted instead of what it wanted. Forty-five minutes it took!

I finally gave up and just let it do what it wanted - shape, “style”, and color. Life’s too short to have to struggle like that - with one’s hair for Pete’s Sake. And I love how it looks now! The joys of submission to a “higher power”!


Agolf Twitler. That's a good one!

I like that!

One thing I will give to trump - he has inspired a staggering amount of creativity within the opposition!

If gas prices keep rising, and health care costs increase as well,

as seems to be the case now, they’re gonna discover that their fabulous cure-all tax cut didn’t work as many miracles as they expected. That tax cut won’t be enough to offset the rising costs of living many in the pro-trump demographics will experience. Particularly when they start feeling the effects of losing so many of those health care protections and cost savings after the GOP started fucking with the Affordable Care Act.

Hey, trumpsters - YOU voted for this. Don’t try to blame the Democrats. It’s your own “team” that’s knifed you in the back and kicked you out into the cold. We tried to help you and then to warn you against what could be coming. And you actively and deliberately CHOSE not to listen.

Reap what you sow, I guess. Sad.

It's sad and discouraging to see how profoundly ignorance plays a part in this.

I’m just struck, right off the bat, by the bad spelling and grammar. Just spent too much time writing and editing copy. Can’t help it. But I always find myself there. The way they look “on paper.” I learned that as a young job seeker long ago, AND as a news director with many a job application and inquiry to process.

Way an applicant would communicate, the way he or she would write about themselves, describe qualifications, shape cover letters - all that was instructive about basic smarts and communication skills, usage, grammar, professionalism, and general knowledge. It was always a good tip-off about whether an applicant could really be taken seriously. A “sorting hat”, with apologies to Harry Potter.

I see all kinds of basic stuff like that in a lot of these communicators these days. Whether it’s the misspelled protest signs or the bad grammar in their speech, it’s generally a reliable “tell.” Even in this era of tweets and texts, that stuff still matters.

I used to gobble up articles about how to present yourself on paper, how you look on paper, and what that says about you and how seriously you deserve to be taken - by, for example, a prospective boss or supervisor, or other figure who would presumably be holding your livelihood in their hands. It made a powerful impression on me - that lingers to this late date.


That is sheer poetry.

“...do you really think our nation can’t see how you use their suffering as mortar for your wall.”

Unfortunately there are far too many who WON’T see. Don’t want to. Think this now is how things oughta be. They might well be the same folk who declare their ardor for this monster “because he tells it like it is.” That to me is the saddest and most disappointing part of all.
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