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Isn't she the little girl who didn't know what the Bay of Pigs was?

Dumb cluck. And she was White House spokesperson at the time. During the bush2 years, of course!


Heck, I know 20-year-olds in perfect shape who would never do that! Drunk OR sober!

All I can say is "EEEEUUUWWW!" But I've been saying that about poor, pathetic, misguided Geraldo Rivera for a long time now.

Yeah, that crap about "we're HELPING women!"

Yeah, thanks but no thanks! That kind of "help" we DON'T need.

History! Great stuff, Faygo Kid!

Love this! Thanks for posting it.

That's another point, too. History. We don't have that kind of history in this country.

By age alone, we're an unruly teenager in the family of nations. We haven't outgrown the kiddie table or sippy cups in comparison to some of them - that have been around for one or two or three THOUSAND years. We don't have that, here. And sometimes there's something in me that yearns for that kind of long chain of connectivity through the ages.

Maybe it's because I myself am adopted. I don't have a family history, except for one that was grafted on when I was two weeks old (as I've been told). At least until very recently, when I did an adoption search and after almost a year, finally found some information that connects me partially - somewhere.

I have no blood lines connecting me to anyone but my own two children who both came outta me. I can't look back to any ancestors or generational elders who hold any personal connection to me, or who passed on their eye color or the shape of their chins - OR their propensity for breast cancer or bad teeth, or their ability to sing, or their tendency toward personality disorders, or ANY of that. I have no clue as to what "runs in my family" because it's never applied to me. Try filling out a medical history form and having to put N/A (Not Applicable) when you're asked whether your mother, sister, grandmother, aunt, or someone else in your biological family had cancer or diabetes or depression or any of that. Try looking at your personal file in elementary school (that you weren't really supposed to see) and notice that, high up there near the top, somebody typed in "ADOPTED" - in big red capitol letters. A scarlet letter indeed. Seven of them, as a matter of fact. I am a living, breathing, walking, talking sequester, if you will. John Donne once wrote that "no man is an island." But I've felt like one for my whole life (my adoptive parents, who were the only parents I ever knew, told me when I was four, I think - really young).

So I willingly concede that point - about history and connectivity through the ages - and how it resonates with me personally. And pretty deeply, too, if you really wanna know.

TONS. Buckingham Palace Inc. is HUGE business for the Brits. HUGE tourist attractions.

I'd bet that 90% of all the naysayers everywhere, who poo-poo the royal family and all it's about, would be among the first in line to take pictures of themselves in front of the Palace, the Tower of London, the Changing of the Guard, those Beefeater guards with the big furry helmets, and haunt the souvenir shops for baby bibs decorated with crowns and coffee mugs with Charles's ears on them.

YES they're an anachronism. YES they're expensive. YES they're utter frippery.

So what? They're a diversion - and for a change, a pleasant one. I like this. The news here has been so damn grim and depressing and dreary that I find this actually something of a pleasant, harmless relief. Like taking a coffee break in the middle of a tense workday.

As an old feminist, I find it pleasing that the gender of the baby won't matter. The old musty laws have been changed, and I find that pleasing as well. Now, if it's a girl, SHE will be the sovereign someday. Whether or not she eventually has a little brother. He won't trump her anymore simply because he's male. I find that refreshing and satisfying and encouraging. It's a little thing, but even little things matter. Baby steps, literally as well as figuratively. Even the musty old centuries-old monarchy can update a little and throw off at least some of the old ways that aren't relevant anymore. And I like how we have a future king of England who was able to marry for love. Even his dad wasn't able to do that. William was able to choose his mate for his own personal reasons, for his own personal happiness instead of the old conventions where she had to be a blue-blood, she had to be a virgin, etc etc. As recently as Princess Diana, that liberation did not exist. They're both bent on raising a family in touch with the real world and not remaining insular. That's a good thing, not a bad thing. Because they set an example. And if they're embodying change, and putting a human face on it, that's a good thing, not a bad thing.

Yeah, it's just them, over there across the pond, and it's symbolic. Understood. And so what? I find it pleasing to be able to witness human evolution happening. Like it or not, Will and Kate are leaders in a new age. Their eyes and their minds are both wide open. And they're focused on philanthropy, too, which I always appreciate. AND international bridge-building. Symbolic. Even in a small way. Just like they are, themselves, as royals. And if they're leading a new-age symbolism, that's a good thing.

And living in a country that's not even 300 years old yet, compared with another with well beyond a THOUSAND years of history and culture, I have a respect for that. We're a young whipper-snapper country. In the family of nations, the U.S. is like the unruly teenager. We certainly act our age, wouldn't you say?

Welcome to DU, Honest_Abe!

Glad you're here. Yeah. He knows what he wrote was "stupid" because it revealed more about his inner feelings and positions than he wanted the world to know. 'Cause it looks bad. Not because it IS bad. They're all about shallow surface appearances. Cosmetics. They might as well be the Real Housewives of Max Factor.

Sigh... I lost all respect for her when she did this.

"Stand with rand" MY ASS, Medea! Why are you fraternizing with the enemy - with YOUR enemy? rand paul cares as much about the issues you really care about - as I care about catering to George Zimmerman.

Welcome to DU, Ednahilda! An understatement if ever there was one.

Glad you're here! My first thought was - AHA! Now we know where he is. But he's undoubtedly moving around, somewhere in hiding. In the outer darkness. Where he belongs.

And yeah. Doesn't change anything or soften this heart of mine toward him. He's still a MURDERER. An unrepentent MURDERER. Who got away with it. And that will follow him to the end of his days.

Well, some of us do. Me, for instance.

It'd be nice to have some genuinely pleasant news for a change. I'm just so worn-down.

And hey, say what you will, but I like her. I like the idea that the royals can be like regular folks and marry for love. I like that she's a commoner. I like the idea that they want to give their offspring a normal life. I like that someone like him - who was raised to be closer to the people - is gonna be monarch someday. How can he be a good king, even as a figurehead, if he doesn't have a sense of understanding his people?
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