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calimary's Journal
calimary's Journal
July 1, 2014

I'd go even farther than that. I'd start targeting the damned Hyde Amendment.

Let's fight them THERE, too! Looks like sometimes we taxpayers have to pick up the tab. So let's make it COMPLETELY possible again. Hell, they're trying to undo all OUR laws. Let's undo some of THEIRS!

Taste of their own medicine. See how they like it.

July 1, 2014

'Fraid I have to agree. Gore was pressured to stop fighting after they started painting him

as divisive, "sore loserman," not a good American, unpatriotic, and more. The media was against him - hell, they'd been that way from the beginning. Fell for the "oh ha ha ha he says he invented the internet" (which he did not), "oh ha ha ha look at him wearing earth tones" (yeah, they picked on his appearance and style of dress and pounded him with derision throughout the campaign), and more. Then they pounded him accusing him of being horribly divisive if he kept fighting - that he should get over it (that WE ALL should get over it) and "come together" la la la la for the sake of the country blah-blah-blah and be a good sport and bush won and all that crap let's just move on and not look back, gotta look forward, don't ask any questions, and SURE AS HELL don't investigate or try to look into this or run the numbers or anything.

There were armies of republi-CON operatives parroting the same talking point as though they were surgically attached in a long ding-dong daisy chain: "well, they counted once, they count again, they counted a third time!!!" The wording didn't even vary.

Also - If I had to blame one person, it'd be the worthless, spineless, MUSHmallow'd, flaccid, most ridiculously blah complete wuss donna brazile. A woman with fire in - well, someplace in another town somewhere over there. MAN, tell her to fight hard and she'll respond - "and how long do I get to nap? Where should I lie down? Who do you want me to NOT get in the face of? Sure don't wanna bother anybody... (and Al, DO NOT fight back! Always just be NICE!!! Put yer boxing gloves AWAY, honey! Maybe you should go take a nap, too...). 'Cause we just don't wanna risk upsetting anybody on the other side! Let's not fight too hard, okay? We've just GOTTA be NICE. And when they're coming to mow us down with a Sherman Tank, make sure you're stretched out on the pavement in a nice tidy straight line, okay? You know, where they can see you! It'll be, you know, nice!"

That woman makes me SICK. A plate of wilted lettuce would put up more of a fight than she did. An EARTHWORM would be a fiercer, more relentless, more ruthless opponent! Between her and ralph nader it's a wash, in my opinion. Both of 'em can go eat what comes out of the back end of my dog over the weekend (she ate something that didn't agree with her), as far as I'm concerned. I'm frankly amazed at how badly nader seemed bent on personally nuking everything he'd once worked so hard to build on behalf of consumer protection! I thought he cared about that stuff. I really did. I was a big fan of his, once. NO MORE.

July 1, 2014

That's so cool!


July 1, 2014

And that was a MOST enjoyable evening!

A bunch of activists getting fired up about Howard Dean! I think you're the only DUer I actually have met face-to-face.

July 1, 2014

YOUR street, at the rate we're going.

YOUR street. That's where. These assholes won't rest until that happens. Which is why WE can't rest either, until we stop them! Or at least slow them the hell down!!!

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