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calimary's Journal
calimary's Journal
July 27, 2014

No kidding.

Their "religion" is going to get our entire planet killed. I suppose they're eager for that because it means the Celestial Cleaning Man is definitely going to have to return and clean up the mess they made.

Because no one may know the hour - except these assholes.

And no one may force the Hand of God - except these assholes.

July 27, 2014

And we have to start re-educating America about this concept. "Pro-LIFE"? Seriously? Let's look:

They are NOT "pro-life" if they:

1) cheer and hunger for executions. (Okay, some horrible offenders do have to suffer the ultimate penalty. But to cheer and hoot and slobber for blood and revenge??? Excuse me???)
2) push for legislation that endangers a WOMAN'S life by forcing pregnancy on her that cannot be terminated, even to save her.
3) push for legislation that endangers a WOMAN'S life by forcing pregnancy on her when it results from rape or incest.
4) push for legislation that endangers a WOMAN'S life by closing health clinics - that offer FAR FAR more services than merely abortion-related ones.
5) push for legislation that cuts back on the social safety net that SUSTAINS life, such as programs that provide services to the poor, hungry, and homeless (includes LOTS of children, too! Surprise!).
6) fight any attempts to raise the minimum wage or ensure workers' rights or union activities. THAT is what provides a family (often with a single head-of-household) with the basics of life support. Like maybe food for everyone in the family, so Mom isn't forced to skip meals so she can make sure her kids have enough to eat.
7) whine about paying taxes - that fund the programs and services that help sustain life in this country for those who need help and can't handle it themselves.
8) terrorize unaccompanied children trying to find their way across our borders - THEIR lives were in danger where they came from, and if you're supposedly "pro-life," YOU ARE OBLIGATED to care about THEIR welfare, too. Not just the so-called "pre-born," okay?
9) promote wanton access to any damn guns you feel like having, amassing, and waving around in public. If you've got a hard-on for guns, and you're walking around in public shoving your damn guns in our faces and flaunting your assault rifles like Flavor Flav flaunts his jewelry, you are actually a DOMESTIC TERRORIST showing off your KILLING capability. "Stand yer ground" MY ASS.
10) advocate for WAR. WAR WAR WAR!!! USA USA USA!!! Um... do ANY of those dumb-fuck assholes realize that war KILLS???? And kills INNOCENTS? Hey, if you think America actually DOES have enough money for war, then we sure as hell have the money to feed our hungry and clothe our poor and house our homeless and provide them even minimal health care. Don't give me that "we can't afford it" crap when you're ready to go blow up all the non-whites elsewhere in the world whom you don't like.

"Baby killers"??? Wonder how many of THEM qualify for that label, when you consider this list of priorities?

And we need to start spreading THIS truth, and THIS framing, and THIS meme. We need to manage the perception MUCH better, and on OUR terms.

The bad guys have spent 30-40 YEARS working on the public thinking, massaging the message, "teaching" gullible unsuspecting Americans to think of the issues the way the bad guys do, and filter the reasoning the way the bad guys do. While we sat back and just expected that America would somehow see and know what was good and what was bad. (HINT: they DON'T, and they WON'T, especially when they're constantly bombarded - indeed, carpet-bombed - with reinforcement and encouragement from every corner - to think the bad guys' way.) So it's really up to us. Our Democrats are painfully slow to wake up to this. Our comparable liberal talk radio network is non-existent. Our one reliable cable channel still lets way too many bad guys on, and ISN'T 24/7 message-focused like Pox Noise is - THANK YOU cheesy, cheap-ass prison reality-shows clogging all the weekend programming. So there's no balance. Our think-tanks and foundations are really only just getting started, while vermin nests like the American Enterprise Institute, the Cato Institute, the Hoover Institute, the Heritage Foundation, Americans for Prosperity, Freedomworks, and all those other koch brothers-supported set-ups aimed at pushing the CONservative world-view on all of America have been operating and chugging along rather vigorously for 30-40 YEARS ALREADY.

It's up to us. If you want the job done, might as well roll up your sleeves and do it yourself. We kinda have to. Until the still-too-anemic efforts on our side gain a little more muscle and vigor and clout.

It's up to us to lead.

July 27, 2014

Yep. The eternal dilemma of Dr. Frankenstein and his creation-from-Hell.

Gee, ya think???? OF COURSE liberals have been right all along! Look at the record. All the good stuff our nation has accomplished - the TRULY good stuff, that elevates us and moves us farther forward traces back to liberalism. All the best and most workable and most realistic ideas, the sensible and wise protections, for the security and sustenance of the greater good - traces back to us liberals. "Liberal" is NOT a dirty word, NEVER has been, and I think we need to actively and aggressively re-embrace and reassert it, and rehabilitate it after the shit-smear job the CONS have done on the whole concept and definition of liberalism over the past thirty-five years or so! I always like revisiting this little gem:


And that's just one aspect. We liberals were just as spot-on regarding the war in Iraq, and all the issues that really matter. OUR priorities would seem to reflect the teachings of Our Lord and all the other monumental spiritual leaders - that whole "least of My brethren" thing - than anything the greedy, hard-hearted, selfish, closed-minded CONservative column has come up with.

Indeed, ya think???? Seriously??? You're horrified, 'eh, Andrew? You couldn't have seen this coming? The rest of us over here on the left certainly did. And we're calling it correctly on all things teabagger, too. YOU crawled into bed with this CON-job, Andrew dear, and NOW it gets to FUCK you. Never anticipated that it'd be YOU reaching for the Maalox bottle every morning before you even get up outta bed.

July 26, 2014

It's one of the most riveting paintings I think I've ever seen.

Fills you with dread, especially knowing how it ended. AMAZING stuff. Thanks CTyankee!

July 25, 2014

Oh there's that silly ol' "least of My brethren" stuff...

What the heck was God thinking?????!?!?!?!?!!???

July 25, 2014

And I'm utterly bereft at this news because...

FUCK. Because FUCK.

Couldn't happen to a "nicer" shit-smear!!!! There was a thread elsewhere here "lamenting" how hypocritical Michael Moore is because his work has made him rich. Aw boo-boo. That entire idea utterly DELIGHTS me! Because he is working for the good, and for the truth. I WANT Michael Moore and others like him, carrying OUR message, to get rich. I WANT them to thrive and have their families be comfortable and well-taken-care-of, and their work to continue and spread and reach farther and enlighten and educate more people. I WANT him to do well, so he can keep it up, for the sake of ALL of us!

And the flip side - the very idea that ted nugent would start taking it in the shorts (so to speak!!!!) for his nauseating, disgusting, despicable public comments and actions - is EXQUISITELY DELIGHTFUL!!!! It tells me there actually may be some justice in the world. Especially the part about the public's reaction to his shit-spew that is starting to turn off concert bookers and handlers and promoters. Let the almighty much-worshipped "free market" gods silence him then. I WANT him hobbled and disabled and losing ground and losing money and losing audiences and further exposure and vehicles from which to spew. Ironically that'll be ONE time when the "free market" actually works for the greater good.

Another chapter in the endless wrong-wingers "bible" - "Thou crawlest into bed with him. Now he gets to fuck thee."

July 25, 2014


Things that need to be said. And shown. Even if it's only on some little kick-it-to-the-curb "liberal" newspaper.

July 25, 2014

GREAT story, 1SBM!

Love it! She probably didn't realize what great musical taste her own father had until that moment!

Good thread. Sometimes I just have to put a DVD on, or my kid's band's music, or the Food Network (unless that annoying obnoxious guy fieri is on), or "Pawn Stars" or some such, and turn the news OFF for awhile. Or go take the dog to the dog park or something.

OR, my new favorite game these days that I play - "what would I do if I were made president of MSNBC or NBC News..."

Sometimes it just makes one CRAAAAAZYYYY!!!

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