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Member since: 2001
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Kick and Rec - specifically for THIS post.


Indeed! This is one triumph with a pretty sweet backspin!

That's FABULOUS!!!

Happy New Year!

And even better, it's the kind of thing that pisses off the teabaggers! (Tempted to start calling them teabuggers for all the respect and admiration I feel for them !)


So more people see this.

And they better NOT call themselves Christians, because if they sneer at the poor,

then they can't be true followers of Christ. Christ was all about the poor. Of the poor, by the poor, and for the poor. We would all do well to take note.

OMG!!! I just got that!

It certainly does conjur up some interesting mental images...

Welcome to DU, santroy79.

Not calling those questioning 9/11 crackpots. But there are other elements that MORE than deserve that title.

As the author points out:

Libertarians "are generally supportive of the gay community, completely behind marijuana legalization and are often against ill-considered foreign wars, but a few good ideas donít make up for some spectacularly bad ones."

Welcome to DU, ensemble!

Good to have you with us! I think all of us liberals are liberals because of what you describe - belief in government that has a place in society (and actually can be a force for good), and free market solutions aren't always the best or most worthy of trust. Government isn't in it strictly and exclusively to make a profit. The free market is. And there's a lot to life in this society in this day and age that SHOULD NOT be relegated to the "it's gotta make a profit" column. It maybe okay for the Ferengi, but that's not who we are.

Welcome to DU, Octoberfurst!

Glad you're here. Glad you saw the light, too! Hey, the Pope's on their case now, and calling 'em out. I think their "IGMFU" schtick ("I Got Mine, F-U" schtinks!!!

Political puberty!!!


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