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calimary's Journal
calimary's Journal
March 31, 2017

I saw that, too. And it could be just a rumor.

HOWEVER... it's good that stuff like this is starting to circulate on the internet. People are gonna see it, talk about it, refer to it, and spread it. That's good stuff. Remember that lesson that LBJ is said to have taught political people everywhere. When he was just starting his political career in Texas, in an early campaign he said his opponent slept with pigs. And he knew it wasn't true. He was asked about it. Being true or false wasn't the point. The point was "make him deny it."

It can be an advantage to have that meme starting to circulate. The press will inevitably pick up on it, and ask about it. Which means it'll wind up among the punditry, kicking it around every chance they get. And the more exposure it gets with the public, the more it becomes "a thing." That may start growing legs. It plants the idea in more people's heads and helps make it more of a credible concept. People who wouldn't have thought of that suddenly consider it. It enters the realm of possibility that way, and MAN does it put the target on the defensive! You don't want that kind of talk starting to grow legs around you. THAT'S not what you want people talking about. AT ALL. Particularly if your "presidency" is all surface image with nothing of substance or value behind it.

March 31, 2017

But did he not yowl to his sycophants - "I need a ceremony!"?

Maybe that's all he wanted. Take photos of ME. Watch ME. Pay attention to ME. Ask questions to ME - that I may or may not answer.

As my husband puts it - "More ME please." Or in trump's case, it'd just be "More ME!"

March 31, 2017

Welcome to DU, kytngirl!

That's what Grover Norquist & Fiends envisioned. A "president" as pen-holder. As long as he can hold a pen and sign whatever we put in front of him, that's all we need. I think that's close to verbatim, what he actually said.

They simple want to rule. They don't want anybody telling them what to do. THEY want to tell everybody else what to do.


And you're right - I don't think he even wants this job, especially now that he's gained a very faint notion of what the job actually entails in real life. I'm convinced, like you, that all he really wanted was to be able to slap the Presidential Seal on all his golf courses and sell merch. For which he could demand a higher price, since the Presidential Seal was on it. He saw it mainly as an opportunity to make even more money. And the interests of the people be damned. He was thinking fame and fortune, mainly because of the value his brand would gain. It probably didn't occur to him that he might actually have to work a little. And as a CEO, he's used to delegating all the work to underlings in exchange for big-sounding titles and proximity to "the big star." That only works in the business world.

March 31, 2017


Not only that, but THEY DON'T WANT TO HELP YOU.
They're FINE with yanking your health insurance away and throwing you to the wolves.
They're FINE with cutting any programs or funding that will result in throwing you to the wolves. They don't want to share. Their precious "Saint" Ayn Rand said they don't have to. To hell with the spirit behind Matthew 25:35-45 (that's the "whatever you do to the least of My brethren" one).


March 31, 2017

Welcome to DU, 3_Limes!

Unless he's just too stupid to understand the subtleties, maybe.

Nunes strikes me as a rube without a lot of the savvy and sophistication that comes with living in a big city - which Schiff does. Most of the California delegation, including my rep, Ted Lieu, makes me proud-proud-proud. Except for idiots like Nunes, Kevin McCarthy, Tom McClintock, Darrell Issa, and Dana Rohrabacher. Unfortunately we here in the Golden State have a few lumps of dirt in with all the gold nuggets.

March 31, 2017


I'll help him pack.

I'd love to help drag his gnarly ass outta there. I'd go all the way across the country to help with that one.

March 31, 2017


I freakin' LOVE Joy Reid. Congrats!!! Well done!

I sure wish she was on, weekdays. Or weeknights. Anything but those early weekend hours.

March 30, 2017

O. M. G.

I swear - in all my years (and I've got 63 of 'em) - I've never imagined this. What shit is being stirred up, all over the world, in what? SEVENTY days?

I'm just aghast.

I guess if it's going to Hell this fast, maybe that also thereby speeds up an inevitable IMPEACHMENT and Removal. Unless he's relieved of duty by the 25th Amendment's Part 4.


We are alienating EVERY ally we have. Including some of the most steadfast - like the UK! And Germany! Australia! Slam-dunks for loyalty and we piss on them. And Mexico - again - not even the first time for that one, either! OMG. Nothing like alienating another country you have to share a border with. Is Canada next, then?

That's what extreme isolationism can get you. No friends - in a wild and wooly world. I guess it's the GOP philosophy (from Hell) of "you're on yer own"/"government baaaad!"/"personal responsibility!"/"I hate the government!" taken all the way out to its farthest extreme.

THIS is how he "leads" this country through some very unstable times, both internally AND worldwide?

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