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Purrfessor's Journal
Purrfessor's Journal
August 18, 2013

Man Dies After He Tripped On Sidewalk


Life is dangerous, even when out walking.

Richard Petrak and friends were visiting South Bass Island on June 4, 2011 and docked at B Dock, part of the DeRivera Park in the village...Early that morning, he tripped on the sidewalk, broke his neck and died..."Yes, he had been drinking," attorney Tom DeBacco said.

Drinking and walking, a double whammy. Two activities to ban for the price of one.
August 18, 2013

Should we ignore education in this discussion?

There are many kids who drive themselves extremely hard to maintain an 4.0 average, join school sponsored clubs, take on every form of extra credit and do as much community work as time allows in an effort to earn admittance and/or a scholarship to an Ivy League school. For some of them the stress factor is as mentally damaging as football injuries are to high school players.

How do you propose we protect these kids? Surely not by banning education.

August 18, 2013

I agree with Sotf

People are and should be allowed to make their own decisions. Yesterday I saw a thread complaining about people mowing their lawns and using fertilizer and weed killer and how the noise was so distracting. And why not just let the grass grow? Well maybe some folks like to mow their yards, maybe some folks like the look of a well maintained lawn. But, oh no, if some people don't like a particular thing they want to slap controls on it or prevent it altogether because they feel they know what is best.

It's my guess that many of those complaining about the dangers of playing football, and who want to deny kids the opportunity to decide for themselves whether to participate (with their parents' approval, of course), fervently oppose anyone who wishes to deny a woman's right to make her own medical decisions. Oh, but that is different, they'll say. No it isn't. This is about the right to make one's own decisions in life providing those decisions fall within the boundaries of legality.

Should high school golf also be banned because, aside from placing kids in a "toxic" environment (fertilizers and weed killers and such), it
might also encourage them to grow up and want to have a nice golf-course looking lawn of their own, at which point it will require the use of mowers, weedeaters and blowers, oh my?

If one looks hard enough he can find a reason to ban almost anything. But this is not how we operate in this country. At least not yet.

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