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Profile Information

Gender: Male
Hometown: Puyallup, Washington
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 58,586

About Me

I truly believe that we will all live in peace and brotherhood someday. And so that I don't lose my faith in humanity, I will live my life as if that day had already happened.

Journal Archives

After years of studying the operas of Richard Wagner, I've finally figured out the character, Wotan:

He's a corporate CEO! - He acts like a god, wants to rule the world, hires other people to do his work for him, refuses to pay them, and then gets outraged and indignant when they demand that he pay them what they've earned.

- He steals the wealth belonging to someone else (who also stole it from its rightful owners, by the way) assuring everyone that he, at least, will put it to good use, and then clumsily loses the wealth because he values it more than people

- He sires succeeding generations to help him regain the lost fortune, ignores the warnings of a powerful regulatory agency, becomes an absentee father, viciously punishes family members who insist that he do the right thing, and after years of struggle, and after failing to attain the elusive treasure he covets the most, declares that he doesn't really want it anymore, and then sets the building on fire.

- There! 14 hours of opera distilled into three paragraphs!

Late night at the clinic, catching up on paperwork. How's everybody doing?

Rough couple of days...

Home-made pumpkin cupcakes! Yummmmmmm!

My stepdaughter just brought some over...

Smart-ass son of a bitch!

I just got off the phone with some guy at KLAY 1180 AM radio in Tacoma. They had been running Stephanie Miller's show since AM1090 in Seattle closed down. Loved hearing my Steph during drive-time every day.

Last week, I tuned in on my way to work, and f*****g Herman Cain was bloviating out of my radio at me. I turned it off in disgust, hoping it was a one-time thing. But, no. Looks like he's on for an hour in the mornings, and Stephanie Miller is nowhere to be found.

I called the radio station to complain. I explained the situation, and asked, very politely, if they would start running Stephanie Miller's show again.

The snot at the radio station said he had to check with his supervisor, which is fine. But then he added with a sneer: "I'll let them know about your 'unique situation'."

I'm getting old. I can't make the throw from deep-center anymore...

I wrote out an entire medical-themed OP to post in GD. Then, regardless of how innocuous the subject matter may have been, I thought about the howling hysterical hate-hyenas in GD who have made sort of a second career slamming me against the walls of my own threads, and decided not to post it.

Sometimes, for the sake of a quiet life, one backs down...

Another Monday in clinic. Ask me anything.

I like having some company, or some posts to reply to, in-between patients. If things get too heavy, I can just take a deep breath, and click over to my DU window, and take a short 30-second break.

Hope all is well with my Lounge friends...

I just visited with one of my lung cancer patients. His oncologist says he's terminal.

Life sucks so hard.




Having dinner and drinks with Will Shakespeare. Ask us anything.

In the medical field, a Skilled Nursing Facility is referred to as a "sniff".

I always want to laugh when I hear that...

AFAIC, the Iraq War would have been much less popular in the initial stages if B*sh had just done

the right thing, and instituted a tax to pay for it, like he should have done.

We wouldn't have been there as long, and we wouldn't be quite so deep in debt as a result.

And if he had brought back the draft, we might never have gone at all.
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