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Gender: Male
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 12,566

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What about outing people who have flake weapons?

What if there were a place you could go to simply post the full name and other information about people with flake weapons, weapons caches, and so forth? Then employers could search for the names of prospective employees and rule out the ones who might be weapon flakes. Parents could find out if their kids were going to a home with a weapon flake in it. It might even help law enforcement identify criminals.

I'm thinking most of these people with AR-15s and AKs wouldn't want everyone to know about it. The impracticality of it would outweigh the cool pretty fast.

Here you go, Julian Assange.

Maybe it's just Republican-run businesses that have trouble competing

My father-in-law used to talk about Germany, and he would say that the attitude of people there is: "This is the way business is done here. If you can't work with that, then don't go into business."

I've been thinking about that more and more lately. Every time I hear a Republican complain about how we have to change our country (or state, or city) to make it business friendly, I think about it. Maybe these complainers are people who shouldn't be in business in the first place. Maybe it's good for them to go out of business.

Why don't we turn the tables on the complainers and ask them why they need the bar lowered to succeed? Maybe they just aren't cut out for their jobs. We shouldn't be propping them up by giving them tax breaks, lowering our pollution standards, and giving them special treatment.

Republican business people (not all of them, just the whiners) should be allowed to fail on their own lack of merit. The country should not give them any breaks at all, no matter how much they beg and cry. It isn't right that Liberal- and Moderate-led businesses who follow the rules and want to do what is right for the country have to compete with Republican-led businesses headed by propped-up, substandard whiners.

Are the young paying the price for not voting?

I keep hearing how the young are having a tough time. Well maybe it is because they don't vote. Is that too simplistic? Maybe if a lot more 18- to 30-year-old people voted, they would be getting a better deal. Maybe the reason they haven't gotten a good deal in the past is that they don't vote.

Skepticism should not drive young people away from voting. It should stampede them toward it. Young people should be very, very skeptical of their fellow citizens' generosity. It is just possible that voting citizens really don't care that much about the interests of non-voters. If there is going to be a short end of the stick, it's going to the non-voters.

Sexism is a male pocketbook issue. That's why more men vote Republican.

Sexism takes money from women and gives it to men. Men don't vote Republican only to politicize their domination fantasies. They vote Republican to keep their hands on more money.

Those weak-kneed, draft-dodging, characterless, ex-husband-material jerkwads? They go Republican every time. And Republican women just love their company I guess.

"I got your money, Honey." That's the true Republican message to women. Why do any women vote Republican?

"Mr. Carville, what did you think of the debate?"

"I tell you what. I can't even believe Mitt Romney is still a presidential candidate. I mean he has been running for a decade, and Flip Flop Mitt still can't stand for anything longer than two minutes! Heck, I started to think Mitt might turn into a Democrat right before my eyes. He was backing down and hiding from every position he's ever had.

And he actually gave me the creeps with that weird smile. And his eyes were full of tears. Did you notice that, Wolf? And he was sweating like Nixon in the Kennedy/Nixon debate. Ugh, the guy reminds me of Nixon but without the charm."

"Heh, heh, well now James. It seemed to me that Romney didn't do too bad. Didn't the President seem kind of listless or tired?"

"Yeah, well he didn't seem that way to me. You know, he wasn't the attack dog in this debate that some on our side might have wanted. But that's just it, this President doesn't want to be president of only half of the people. Obama may not have clobbered Romney with all the jobs Bain Capital took away from hard-working middle class Americans. But I think he knows the American people know Mitt Romney by now and know they can't trust him."

"Thanks, James. Alex, I know you have a different opinion?"

"I do, Wolf. You know, I would have to give the edge to Romney in this debate. I think he showed that he can go toe-to-toe with the President. I think he did what he needed to do."

"Well, folks, it looks like a split decision. I think both sides come away from this debate with some of their points made. John?"

"Yes, it was a close debate. I think the President came off perhaps a bit too reticent..."

"John, he's not trying to be Whiner in Chief. I thought Romney looked like someone's Chihuahua got loose in the bull pen. He was making a lot of noise."

"Ha, ha, James. Well I do think Romney seemed a little over-excited, but the pressure was really on him. I think he did fine. I'm just not sure it was enough."

This isn't what happened that night on CNN, by the way. Quite the opposite. Carville jumped right on Obama's case and Wolf and John King soon followed suit. This is just what I wish happened.

Can we all agree to stand our ground after the next debate?

I expect that Obama will offer a few more thrills next debate. But our audience should not have to rely on that for us to keep our courage and our heads. We need to have Obama's back next time, period.

Folks should realize that the debate doesn't stop after Obama and Romney shake hands. It continues into the media. It goes to us.

Suppose the debate had continued for another two hours and Obama and Romney had stayed on stage. And suppose for that two hours Obama did nothing but admit that Romney dominated, won on style, and so forth. Suppose Obama admitted he had been listless and "languid" (NPR's version of listless). Well, then Obama would have lost the debate.

But Obama stayed cool and stuck to his facts for his ninety minutes. Our Progressive-leaning pundits and audience dropped the baton on minute ninety-one.

We weren't thrilled. We weren't inspired. But guess what? If your emotions choose your behavior for you, you lose. Our side's keenest observers seemed to miss the fact that Romney flip-flopped and snake-oiled. They missed Romney's beads of sweat and his teary eyes. They missed a man pretending to be someone he is not.

Obama didn't play the 47% card in his ninety minutes. He didn't play the tax returns card. Those were ok calls in my opinion. But our side in the post-debate debate? We missed the sweat and flip-flopping cards. We missed the substance card.

A lot of us—most disappointingly our media talking heads—folded a good hand and fed Obama to the wolves. We thought we were just being honest. Funny how emotions work.

Let's hope we start to get a poker face for this next debate. When will we learn Obama's not the only one in this fight? Once Obama is done with Romney next debate, let's remember it's our turn to play.

Romney found a way to take the value out of fact checking.

Fact checkers need to hone their game, because catching dishonesty isn't just about checking facts. Romney will have successfully taken the value out of fact checking if they let him get away with it. If Romney says he "will" do something, there is no way to call him a liar on it. So that is what he does. Then being a flip-flopper or being two-faced doesn't register if your bullshit detection process is strictly a fact-checking process. Rachel Maddow also caught Romney on his strategy of saying one thing on camera (to large audiences) while his people quietly revise and recant it to reporters behind the scenes. You could call that a sort of fine print communication style I guess.

Fact checkers need to turn into believability checkers or they are going to be out of jobs.

"Who's debate arguments do you agree with and trust more?"

That's the question that determines who won the debate.

If you just poll people asking who won the debate, you won't know who won.

Making the Republicans' voter suppression backfire

Who wants to see the Republicans' voter suppression tactics actually work for them? What would that look like?

Picture people going to the polls to vote. They take time before going to work or to class. They take time from doing their chores or visiting their family or friends. They drive, they get rides. They walk or manage crutches or wheel in in wheelchairs. And they get there to exercise their right to vote. But then someone tells them they can't. They have to leave.

And the Republicans who made that happen have big smiles on their faces, because it worked. They are glad they did it. They will definitely have to do it again.


Every single non-Republican makes sure they vote and makes sure all their friends vote and all their friends' friends. For every voter the Republicans succeed in intimidating away from the polls or denying the right to vote at the polls, ten or twenty other voters cast votes against every Republican on the ballot.

You'll get it if you do.

You'd better the hell not tax the job creators! Or they'll, they'll, well you know what they'll do? They'll, they'll, they'll well you just better not that's all! You go to the job creators and bow your heads! Job creators give you everything you have. You wouldn't be worth wasting food on if some job creator somewhere didn't give your life to you.

And you'd better the hell not try to keep healthcare! Oh, you just better not! You'll get it if you do. We already called you European commies. We'll call you even meaner things if you keep it up! We'll, we'll, well you just better not try to keep healthcare. You'll get it.

And you absolutely better the hell not try to vote. You keep away from the polls. We're going to make sure they check your ID. We're going to make sure they give you the stink eye. You vote, and you'll get it. Got it? Do you dig me?

The Republican Party approves this message.

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