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gulliver's Journal
gulliver's Journal
July 13, 2024

If Trump were losing, the media would have competing "Trump Exposed" pieces 24x7

Trump has enough material to flood the media market with attacks on him. Why don't the jackals jump on him? I think it's mainly two reasons, but I'd like to know more.

1) Trump and his crowd (Republicanists) bite back when bitten. Some may remember Dan Rather and Megyn Kelly.
2) The media don't want to kill the goose that could be laying golden eggs for them for four years

If Trump were losing (more clearly), they'd be helping drag him to the ground. They'd want to get as much face time and as many paychecks out of him as possible before he disappears from screens and makes his way to prison.

These are the actual reasons, imo. The face-preserving rationalizations are many. They usually start with, "I don't report on Trump being a shifty old nutball and can keep my reputation as a journalist, because X." (Where X is actually just ego-preserving, paycheck preserving BS)

July 4, 2024

Some of these protesters and paraders would be such good opportunities for Dems to disavow.

I really do wish we could find it in ourselves to say, "Nope...yuck...too far" when some lostie outlier does something no good and people mistakenly associate them with Dems and the left.

It's important that we say what we're not. We can't have the poor lost Trumpies saying, for example, Dems are Ok with nimrods parading naked through public streets, vandalizing statues, blocking traffic, etc. We're not Ok with it. We think they're nimrods too. What keeps us from saying that could simply be a lack of common sense. A mature, adult's experience and security in knowing that there is always a "too far." If so, we need to grow up and get secure.

We have all the good issue positions. We don't need to let Republicans associate us with bad ones.

June 30, 2024

The guy who mugged me was "deceived"


So, I'm crossing the parking lot in the dark. Glancing at my gold Rolex, I noticed the time was about 11:45pm. My car's in the upper deck, so I head to the dark stairwell. The guy who was behind me seemed like he must have been parked on the same deck. He followed me into the stairwell.

Surprisingly, at the first landing on the stairs, the guy asks me if I have a light for his cigarette. I reached into my pocket and pulled out my lighter. It took a second, because the diamond stud caught on my money clip.

The clip falls out of my pocket. Great, I thought, now my hundreds are gonna get dusty.

I started to light the guy's cigarette, but then I noticed he hadn't gotten it out yet. I was puzzled.

The guy says, "let me get that for you," and reaches for my money clip on the ground.

"Thanks," I said.

Anyway, he gets the clip and, instead of handing it to me, starts to walk off with it. Can you believe that?

So, I said, "Hey, that's my money clip."

This guy...this guy turns around and says, "Not anymore!"

"Wait. You're stealing it?"

He just looks at me like I'm an idiot.

"You're stealing my money?"

"No," he says. I'm just reclaiming it. "This guy I listen to told me you stole it from me."

"Which guy?"

"Stage hypnotist guy. He's great."

"Did you believe him?"


"I don't think you do."

"Maybe I don't. I'm keeping the money though."

I was going to give him a piece of my mind, but he ran off.

June 30, 2024

The old, good "worthiness" framing vs. the new, stupid "mental health" one

I just saw some supposedly CBS poll results where they asked people if the two candidates do or do not have the "Mental & cognitive health to serve as President." The poll clearly shows something. It shows just how lost the media and people are. Terribly lost. We seem to have forgotten about virtue in the popular discourse and practice.

To the lost, the concept of virtue seems suspect. Tao Te Ching Chapter 45 comes to mind.

Because of this lostness in terms of virtue and this desperate (but accepted) clinging to half-digested "popular scientific" concepts like "mental health," it becomes unrealistic to expect the news media to ask people if the two contestants are or are not "worthy of being President of the United States."

The important question can't be asked, because it's considered vaguely corny and unscientific by the lost and foolish.

June 22, 2024

Donnie Downer: Are Trump and his diehard Trumpies bummers?

I just watched the latest trending Trump bummer video over on X. He's talking about how people are pitching tents in airports this time. I mean, seriously, this guy is a complete buzzkill. And it's a total lie. Again.

See, the issue isn't only the election. When little creeps like Trump are rewarded for putting down the country, they do more of it. What does that do to our national morale? What does that do to our business climate? Our reputation?

They're flying the flag upside-down now. Imagine you just put your house up for sale and some grouchy, depressed Trumpie neighbor puts up an upside-down flag. Might as well cancel the Open House and get ready for low offers. Then scale that effect to the whole country. Trump is reducing the value of the United States.

June 19, 2024

Suppose you're a senior, it's June 2025, Trump is President, and a senior-killing pandemic hits...

Do you think you'll see June 2026? I don't.

I actually think everyone should be afraid of the crackpot take the poor Trumpie lost folks have on the history of the pandemic. A next pandemic under Trump will be, in a word, ghastly. Any mention of producing a vaccine or doing anything at all to prevent the spread of any disease, regardless of how deadly, will be greeted by Trump as "another" hoax. And his followers will echo it.

June 15, 2024

Rewarding Trump for Jan. 6th is a terrible idea

I keep hearing nonsense like, "Well, Trump didn't destroy the country before, so..." It's kind of pitiable as an argument, but let's ignore it for the moment.

What about rewarding Trump for Jan. 6th? Do we really want to reward his jerking the country around like that? Do we want every presidential candidate from now on to have the option to do what Trump did? Just rustle up a pack of jerks and stink up the whole country (at best) every four years? That's expensive entertainment.

No one seems to think about the future you get when you don't do something about the past. You don't reward bad behavior. Duh. But there we have it.

There's an element of "bring on the asteroid," in the Trump voter. They've been Tartuffed by Orange Elvis. Or they think they're in on the con rather than its mark. Or they're just giving up.

I wonder how they feel about their skin being in the game of Trump though. I don't think they're really, really thinking about it. Chaos.

Really? Guy who falls asleep in front of the TV with Fox News on and the remote in your lap? Just got your Social Security, so you can hit Outback tomorrow and make your boat payment? Chaos is what you want? You sure about that? Seems funny and all, I know. But...

June 15, 2024

Hopefully we'll start having repeated Bill Clinton-like "Sistah Souljah moments"

Why don't Dems have 75% of voters voting for us? Our policies are good.

A lot can be explained by image neglect. Republicans and some moderates actually think Trump is a better image than their image of us. Such is the market. Shake your head all you want.

We could go a long way toward getting the 75% voter support our true policies merit by taking a page from the old Clinton playbook.


1. Some numbskull named Marvin says something dumb or cracked on a video. Marvin's wearing something pretentious that looks like it comes from the "pseudo-lefty" section of Spencer's. He's an "influencer" wannabe.

2. The majority of Dems and moderates cringe. Who's Marvin? And why is he wearing those incense burners as earrings?

3. Trump and Putin drool. Marvin's the new Dem poster child. Right-wing YouTubers go nuts. Marvin's on every thumbnail. "Lefty Marvin, your kid's new nursery school principal?"

4. Then we, what? Here's the part we're not doing. We say, in harmony, "Marvin sucks. Now, about reproductive freedom. Can we get back to that?"

June 9, 2024

We need to get a lot more of the male vote.

There's absolutely no good reason we should accept Republicans getting any self-respecting male votes. If we tried, we could keep our current votes and take 5-10% away from the Republicans.

Here are some plays I don't see being made nearly often enough, for whatever reason.

1. Men have a huge stake in the abortion restriction, reproductive freedom debate. I don't want to insult anyone's intelligence by stating the obvious, but a woman forced to be a mother implies a man forced to be a father...with all the attendant legally and socially binding rigamarole that comes with. Also, rumor has it that men, like women, have sons and daughters.

2. Masculinity. There is no such thing as "toxic masculinity," and Dems should simply announce the cancellation of the term. No Dem takes it seriously other than as an annoyance that we wish would go away soon.

3. Try this line. "Men, I just want to say, we want your vote." Ask for votes. It pains me that something this obvious isn't routine at this point.

4. Trump isn't a man; Biden is. That's why Trump can't get a good woman and Biden can. Also, the Trump failure to support the Commander in Chief in time of great international challenge is unmanly. His "Clint squint" is comical to any man with a functioning sense of humor.

May 19, 2024

Trump would disappear like a fart in the wind without his "costume."

We laugh at the "Orange Man." We're amazed at how silly his makeup, dye job, eccentric clothes, and butt-hiding, chest-enhancing footwear are. But the laugh's on us. That costume makes Trump. It does exactly what he wants it to do.

If Trump's not Orange, Trump's a nobody. Weird how that can be.

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