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Everyone knows why Benghazi

It's because practically nothing else bad has happened during Obama's entire presidency. All kinds of good things have been happening and no bad things. Exactly the opposite of the way things were under George W. Bush and his Republicans.

No skyscrapers being destroyed by hijacked airplanes, no ruinous, unnecessary wars, no mishandled weather catastrophes, no historic stock market, real estate, and jobs depressions...nothing. It's been relatively pleasant under Obama and the Dems—as usual. All the country's meters are either back in the green or at least moving that direction.

Not so under the Republicans. The Bush/Republican administration gave America, on average, one Benghazi-level dose of suffering for every single day they held office...and then some. People need to be reminded of that. Under Obama and the Dems, lots of good things have happened. Under George W. Bush and his Republicans, lots of bad things. Let the trees be judged.

We should take the "let's talk about Benghazi" ploy by Republicans for what it really is, an admission that Obamacare is a strong Dem issue now. Republicans are so politically bankrupt, they are down to boiling their shoes for food.
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