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Putin's gonna get his.

Rat face messed with the wrong people this time, the American people. We're gonna organize the world to confiscate everything he and his poison-administering, sneaky-ass, money-thieving, money-laundering oligarchs have and liquidate it. His helpers in all our countries are going to be exposed and tossed in the pokey. He's going down. His downfall is going to be like the Ceaucescus or Muammar al-Gaddafi. Hopefully worse. I look forward to the YouTube.

Defund "Republicanist" Police (specifically) by defunding the Republican Drug War

If you want to defund something, take the money out of the so-called Drug War. That would deal a death blow to bad policing (Republican-oriented officers) and mass incarceration (Republican-oriented for-profit prisons).

We have a legal drug in this country, alcohol. It does massive damage, but it clearly has a beneficial side when used responsibly. It has found its equilibrium. The culture has worked out a way of living with alcohol as a regulated recreational drug. We are doing the same with marijuana right now, and (as anyone could have predicted) it's working out fine. There is no reason to think we wouldn't find a way of living with decriminalized and regulated drugs of all categories. That's the way things were before criminalization. We survived.

The Republican "Drug War's" explicit goal was to inflict suffering and damage on minorities while benefiting Republican politics. It has been a massive "success" from that perspective. It's a race war by other means. As such, it attracts Republican-oriented lowlife to policing. It's a racism money tree, a recruiting tool for racist soldier wannabes, and the lifeblood of the dirtiest Republican politics and corruption.

Defund the Drug War if you want to defund bad policing and evil in general. Lift the curse. Decriminalize. That's the way to defund bad policing and a whole lot of bad everything else.

Trump failed, then made failure an official policy.

Back in the early days of the coronavirus, Trump was saying, "We think we have it very well under control." He didn't say, "the states have it very well under control." And Trump didn't wait for the governors to put travel restrictions on China. Why?

The idea that the federal government was a "backup" didn't start to show up in Trumpie lingo until they'd already blown it. The Trump response to failure was to declare that he, in effect, is supposed to fail at coordinating the federal response. It's not his ball.

He called the ball. He dropped it. He looked around for who to blame. And he now says it's not his ball anyway.

Terribly for our country, not only did Trump fail, but now he has to continue to fail (to keep up the pretense that he failed on purpose earlier). Trump and Republicans, solely to protect themselves, made failure of the federal government to coordinate an emergency into official government policy.

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