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gulliver's Journal
gulliver's Journal
March 13, 2021

Republican failure to pay tribute to those who died from COVID speaks volumes.

To me, the absence of Republican leadership and media paying tribute to the COVID-19 dead is the textbook definition of a glaring omission. Sometimes it's what you don't say that tells people something about you. Would it have hurt the Republicans (even Fred Trump's brat) to say a little something nice about all the people who have died?

They're saying nothing, but it seems to me we should all be hearing that silence as something. Are they telling everyone they feel guilty and want to hide from some truth? Maybe they don't want to eulogize people they have been (and continue to be) willing to let die? Maybe they don't want to own what they did and continue to do?

March 6, 2021

The 74 million "Against the Dems" (not "Trump") voters

We keep hearing how Trump got 74 million votes. He didn't. I think "Against the Dems" got 74 million votes, and Trump just happened to be in the "Against the Dems" ballot slot. If the slot had simply read "Against the Dems" instead of "Trump," who knows, "Against the Dems" might have gotten a few million more votes than Trump.

Respectfully, what I think some of us Dems need to learn is how to avoid helping Republicans persuade voters to vote for "Against the Dems." Demonizing and lying about Dems has become the Republicans' exclusive play, largely thanks to Trump, and we should be ready to counter it. We certainly shouldn't be helping them execute it.

Some of us talk too much, posture too much to try to look "more Dem than thou." Some offend for no reason, trading zero gained votes for a hundred lost votes on whims and triggers. Some blithely "sour grapes" the "Against the Dems" voters as bad people whom we'd rather have against us than for us. Some Dems seem to always forget to remind folks of all the dumb, crazy things we're not saying, allowing our opponents to lie and say we're saying them (and only saying them) instead of the smart, wise things we're actually saying. Or something.

The worst thing about inadvertent Dem support for "Against the Dems" is that that malignant orange gasbag just eats it up. Pundits keep reminding us how powerful he is. I'm really tired of that. I want about 24 million of those 74 million on our side, while keeping our 81 million. Is that asking too much?

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