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gulliver's Journal
gulliver's Journal
September 26, 2021

The Drug War is a linchpin of most of our domestic problems

We need to completely overhaul our approach to substance abuse. It's great to spend trillions on social programs with the aim of benefiting society and getting the most wealth possible for and from our citizens. But we should also "stop digging the hole" the Drug War has us in. We'd have an easier time promoting people's prosperity if we didn't have the cursed Drug War dumpster fire ruinously working against us all the time, destroying prosperity at the root.

The Drug War breaks society, relationships, and individuals in ways that no amount of investment can repair. It drives social division, civil paranoia, mass incarceration, over-policing, permanent loss of employment opportunity, and violence. It victimizes people who are already victims. It distracts and burdens substance abuse victims and their families, depriving them of the very resources and energy they need to end the abuse.

We're addicted to the Drug War. We're buying something that destroys us. We need to declare Drug Peace and build good habits to drive out bad habits at a national level.

September 24, 2021

The AZ fraudit doesn't "confirm" anything and shouldn't be reported that way

I noticed the CNN site has a headline that says "Trump-backed AZ audit confirms the obvious: Biden won". It should read "states the obvious, despite unfounded, whiny, sore loser, knowingly false Republican complaints about the election," not "confirms."

The definition of the word confirm (from Google) is "establish the truth or correctness of (something previously believed, suspected, or feared to be the case)." That's not what the fraudit did and not what should be reported. I can look out the window right now and "confirm" it's a sunny day. That doesn't make me a meteorologist.

The frauditors "confirmation" of the results of the competent election process in Arizona doesn't make the frauditors competent or their "results" not garbage. More importantly, it doesn't suggest future fraudits are somehow legitimized.

There never was a legitimate case for the fraudit. Like the election lawsuits, the fraudit was just another vehicle for delivering Republican misinformation warheads targeted at the United States. We shouldn't be allowing the fraud to "confirm anything" except that the Republican Party is now pitiably and thoroughly rotten to the core.

September 4, 2021

"Republican Capitalism" is killing the Earth, not Capitalism

Capitalism is one of the best ingredients of an economic system, imo, especially when well regulated and in partnership with good government. Sustainability, for example, can be a product. Capitalism, as we are all witnessing, is more than capable of producing that product. Sustainability's "market share" is growing.

The main so-called problem with Capitalism is and has been "Republicanist Capitalism." It sometimes tries to go by the more respectable name, "laissez-faire," but I think that term doesn't do it justice. It's lazy, greedy, short-sighted, stupid, incompetent, ruthless, and wasteful at best. It's criminal-minded at worst. It's Republicanist Capitalism.

Republicanist Capitalism actively undercuts the market prospects of sustainability and the gigantic number of well-paid, life-enriching jobs that producing that "sustainability product" would create. Good Capitalism will gladly act as an engine for bettering the climate and Earth but, as with so many, many good opportunities and prospects for humanity, Republicanism stands in the way.

The biggest pragmatic solution to climate change and environment problems? Vote out every single Republican in every single election right down to the dogcatcher. Worldwide, do the same thing with every Republican-style clone. Let the sustainability market take off. Even the Republicans will thank us, both for the jobs and for freeing them from the hostage situation they are in vis-a-vis their broken unit base.

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