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Gender: Male
Hometown: America's Finest City
Current location: District 50
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 11,559

Journal Archives

Newsweek's former parent company indicted in fraud and money laundering case

The co-founder of Newsweek's former parent company has been indicted on fraud and money laundering charges in New York Supreme Court.

Etienne Uzac and IBT Media are accused of conspiring with two other companies to defraud lenders out of money that the media organization used to keep itself in business, according to an indictment that was unsealed Wednesday. Uzac denied the allegations and said he intends to defend himself "vigorously" against the charges.

Prosecutors allege that IBT Media worked with Christian Media Corporation and Oikos Networks to pull off the scheme.

The indictment alleges IBT and Christian Media convinced equipment lenders that they needed financing to buy computer equipment. They received the funds — but instead of using the money to buy computer servers, the indictment says the companies funneled it into other parts of their business.


Taylor Swift Inspires 200 Million Fans To Register To Vote In Tennessee

NASHVILLE, TN—Motivating the masses to participate in the democratic process with her popular Instagram post, pop star Taylor Swift reportedly inspired 200 million fans from all over the country this week to register to vote in Tennessee.

“Taylor hasn’t really talked much about politics over the course of her career, but she’s certainly making waves now,” said Tennessee Democratic Party chairperson Mary Mancini, who applauded Swift for “getting her message out there,” as well as helping to register the entire population of the state more than 30 times over.

“We’ve never seen anything like this—definitely not in a 24-hour period at least. Ms. Swift has truly inspired young people from Maine to California to leave everything behind and head for a polling place in Tennessee this November. She’s even galvanized young people living in other countries to vote in these important midterm elections as well.”

At press time, Tennessee officials announced that Election Day voting hours would be extended by one hour to accommodate 60 percent of the world’s population now expected to cast a ballot.


In Ramona, she expected supporters of Duncan Hunter and Trump. What she found was more nuanced

How conservative is Ramona, Calif.?

At the Turkey Inn, the town’s oldest watering hole, there’s a portrait of President Trump in a place of honor above the cash register. “We’re just a good, down-home blue-collar bar,” bartender Erin Smidt said. “Lots of vets and military, and lots of people mad at the NFL for not airing the national anthem.”

Across town, at the VFW post, there’s a Jane Fonda target on the men’s urinal.

A couple of years ago, Isis Fuller Figure Fashion, a women’s clothing boutique in downtown Ramona, closed its doors after locals harassed its owners over the name. The shopkeepers, an English mother and daughter, had named the store after the Egyptian goddess.


Taylor Swift Breaks Political Silence To Throw Support Behind Restoring Shōgun To Throne Of Japan

NEW YORK—In a heartfelt social media statement to her fans, singer–songwriter Taylor Swift broke her long-standing political silence Monday to support restoring an all-powerful shōgun to its rightful place on the throne of Japan.

“Hey guys, Taylor here—I’m writing this post because I’ve been inspired by recent events to speak up about why we need to install an all-powerful military dictatorship in Japan’s imperial palace,” said the famously apolitical pop star, admitting that in the past, she had been “reluctant” to voice her long-held support for Japan’s famously brutal system of medieval clan-based governance, but felt differently after witnessing the country’s decay since the final shōgun, Tokugawa Yoshinobu, fell from power in 1868.

“I believe that a weak-willed democratic Japan is WRONG. I believe the dilution of the proud Tokugawa Clan’s samurai class is WRONG. Please, please educate yourself on the Meiji Restoration’s folly. Only through the blood and steel of a true shōgunate ruler can Japan flourish. Thanks for reading. XOXOXO.”

At press time, bloggers had criticized Swift for going too far after she called on current Emperor Akihito to immediately surrender his throne and commit seppuku for disgracing Japan.


Pope Francis Renounces Papacy After Falling In Love With Beautiful American Divorcee

VATICAN CITY—Saying he could no longer fulfill his duties as the leader of the Catholic Church, Pope Francis officially renounced the papacy Monday after admitting that he had fallen in love with a beautiful American divorcee.

“I cannot effectively complete my obligations as the Supreme Pontiff while also pursuing a relationship with my exquisite, perfect Linda,” said the former Bishop of Rome, detailing his whirlwind romance with the 62-year-old CPA and recently divorced mother of three, whom he met while on a walking tour through the Piazza Navona.

“Linda has given me the most spectacular two weeks I’ve ever experienced; we rode Vespas through the cobbled streets of Rome, shared gelato in the Campo de’ Fiori, and tossed coins into the Trevi Fountain. That’s why tomorrow, I will be moving into Linda’s condo in Des Moines to start a new life with her. I worship the ground she walks on, and I want to devote the rest of my days to loving Linda.”

His ex-Holiness added that he was nervous about telling Linda that he’s still a virgin and hopes she would let him take things slow.


He looks happy!

Girl pulls 1,500-year-old Viking sword from Swedish lake

An 8-year-old girl unexpectedly pulled an Iron Age sword from a Swedish lake — and it happened to be the “first sword of its kind to ever be found in Scandinavia.”

Saga Vanecek found the sword while playing in Lake Vidösten this past summer nearby her family’s summer home.

"I was outside in the water, throwing sticks and stones and stuff to see how far they skip, and then I found some kind of stick," Saga explained to The Local.

She was going to put it back in the water until she realized it was a sword.


Kinda cool.

Devin Nunes escalates war against Fresno Bee with 'unprecedented' 38-page mailer

Constituents in Congressman Devin Nunes' district may find a curious campaign mailer on their doorsteps or in their mailboxes this week.

That mailer isn't attacking his opponent in the November election or promoting the eight-term congressman's accomplishments, though.

The glossy 38-page, full-color magazine titled "The Fresno Bees: The dirty little secrets of the Valley's propaganda machine" contains criticisms of the McClatchy-owned newspaper's coverage of Nunes.

The first sign the mailer isn't your normal political advertisement: Its cover depicts a cartoonish sinking ship full of Kool-Aid-swilling bees — the sea littered with "Resist," "Socialism," and "Antifascist" signs.


Attacking the media seems to be the Republican thing these days.

Toyota recalls 2.4 million Prius hybrids that could stall while driving

Source: USA Today

Toyota is recalling about 2.4 million hybrid cars worldwide that could stall while driving.

The Japanese automaker said Friday that the recall affects about 807,000 Toyota Prius cars in the U.S. It covers certain 2010 to 2014 Prius hybrids and certain 2012 to 2014 Prius V hybrids.

The defect occurs in "rare situations," Toyota said. It involves the vehicle failing to "enter a fail-safe driving mode in response to certain hybrid system faults."

When that happens, "the vehicle could lose power and stall. While power steering and braking would remain operational, a vehicle stall while driving at higher speeds could increase the risk of a crash."

Read more: https://www.usatoday.com/story/money/cars/2018/10/05/toyota-prius-recall/1532120002/

Duncan Hunter's 'Red Scare'

Two candidates are running to represent the 50th Congressional District. Only one would likely qualify for a federal security clearance today.

That would be Ammar Campa-Najjar, a Democrat who previously obtained such a clearance to work in the Obama administration, first helping select letters for the president to read and then as a public information official in the Department of Labor.

Incumbent Republican Duncan Hunter probably would be denied a security clearance because he and his wife were indicted in August on numerous charges alleging personal use of $250,000 in campaign contributions.

There’s irony here because Hunter and his campaign have claimed Campa-Najjar would be a security risk.


Republicans face big risks in contested California races as Democrats fight for control of the House

Republicans are at risk of a wipeout in California’s six most hotly contested congressional races, a new poll shows — a result that could radically reshape the state’s political map, with major consequences nationally.

But the poll, conducted for the Los Angeles Times by UC Berkeley’s Institute for Governmental Studies, also underscores how close many of the contests remain.

The Democratic tide threatens to swamp congressional districts in Southern California’s suburbs that Republicans have controlled for decades. That would significantly boost Democrats’ chances of gaining the additional 23 seats they need to win a majority in the House.

But if the tide ebbs only slightly, the GOP could emerge with much of its control intact.

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