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Member since: 2002
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HEY! The world didn't end today!

You're welcome.

(Actually, when I went and had to wait 2 hrs. to pick up my meds, I wished everyone, "Hope you survive the holidays!"

They seemed to appreciate it.

Just watched, "A Carol for Another Christmas" on TCM

This was the first time it's been shown in almost 50 years. WOW. Very anti-war, anti-nuke, and funded by IBM at the time.

Some scenes, especially the idiot crowds, are completely relevant for repigs, invading public meetings and screaming to make sure nothing is accomplished, as well as the "ME" BS they all parrott, at the expense of everyone else in the world, "down yonder, or just across the river."

A different take on "A Christmas Carol," in that it employed the three ghosts.

I doubt any big corporatocracy would dare fund something that would be so confrontational today.

Instead, we must worship the job creators.

WHAA??? Pat Robertson sez Earth older than 6000 years!!

Never thought I'd see the day. But of course, this is politics, and the religion industry is retooling, as are the Greedy Old Perverts.


Not much on Anonymous at Freepigs

But I did find this:


Only a couple of them expressed the real problem of the voting machines, but (of course) blamed the repig-owned-and-programmed machines on (who else) Obama.

Somewhat interesting, but not a must-see.

How can I help WalMart employees carry out their strike?

My resources are severely limited but one of their stores is nearby. Anything I can do to help out?

Only thing I can figure is to print out pro-employee strike messages on dollar-sized paper to give them at the register. But I refuse to shop there, so, no.

Any positive ideas appreciated. I don't go back to my threads unless alerted, so if you have an idea, please DUmail me.


We still need to get rid of voting machines.

For centuries, other countries, as well as the USA, relied on paper ballots and counters carefully monitored by all sides.

We need to get rid of the machines and their 'proprietary" code and untraceable results. GET THEM OUT. If we are to remain a democracy, or a republic, or whatever, the machines need to GO.

I don't care whether they show a win for repigs or dems, they need to GO. Their existence is toxic.

Anita Bryant is DEAD!

Metaphorically speaking, of course.

For some reason, I looked her up on Wikipedia:


Of course, she has her own "ministry" in the Religion Industry, the most profitable enterprise in the world.

I can't pretend I haven't fantasized about establishing my own franchise is there an easier way to get rich than profiting off the poor/sick/old/hopeless/delusional/self-hating and being tax-free and untouchable, never having to make good on "guarantees"? NO.

I'm an odd one, though, I guess. I kind of value being able to sleep at night.

What do they teach at "Ole Miss"

other than racism? Let me guess: jack shit. Certainly not comparative religion.


Just got back from early voting.

I chose to go to a minority-majority (lots of Chicanos/Latinos, Asians, Indians, African-Americans, Middle-Easterners) polling place in the county I live in, a red (neck) state somewhere in the South. Was thrilled to see a high turnout.

Considered making a protest vote but as the world is currently upside-down, I didn't want to risk it.

Several state & county positions were held by incumbent repigs, unopposed. I chose "write in," and put "any democrat" for my candidate. Of course it won't change anything, but it felt good to voice my opinion.

My father is 90 years old.

Currently he's in a rehab center because he broke his hip, learning to walk again, so I can take care of him, again, at his home.

He and another veteran, maybe ten years younger, have been talking, a little. They recognized each other by their armed forces hats; one's a former Marine, the other was in the Army Air Force. One guy has a hard time communicating verbally, the other is nearly deaf. But they have respect for each other.

Today in the facility's dining room, the other guy stopped by to say "hi." I pointed to his Obama '12 button and made sure he knew I liked it. He smiled broadly. My father didn't say anything, but my Publican-bot sister said to me, "you would." Damn right I would, and I did.

Coincidentally, my father's absentee ballot arrived today, and I took it to him, and opened it up for him after dinner. He said he didn't want to vote. I honestly tried to get him to fill in at least some of the ovals, at least the Presidency, but he refused.

Having grown up Southern Batshit, I think he just couldn't vote for a Mormon, or maybe he's disgusted with his whole party (repigs). Who isn't?

I told him if he didn't want to vote, he had to tear up the ballot himself and put it in the trash. He did precisely that.

At least this year, we won't cancel each others' votes.
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