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skip fox

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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 19,092

About Me

I am retired, now a professor emeritus at University of Louisiana at Lafayette, where I taught in the English department for 37 years. I've written 4 chapbooks and 5 full-sized books (all listed as poetry though many include other genres as well), including _Sheer Indefinite: Selected Poems, 1991-2012 (Univ. of New Orleans Press, 2012). I've also written a 500+ page bibliography of three contemporary poets: Robert Creeley, Ed Dorn, and Robert Duncan. I am writing now, both fiction and poetry, more now than ever. My first vote for President of the United States was for Dick Gregory in 1968 (Bowling Green, Ohio). Favorite quote: "It's easy to be an idealist if you don't have to mind the evidence, but no one said it was supposed to be easy" (Richard LaPauvre).

Journal Archives

"American citizens, my ass!" . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

Donald J(umbo) Trump is thinking: "That bitch! I'll stop her. She wants a response; I'll give her a response: 'San Juan Mayor reading Dems' hateful talking points. Sad. Still wants aid. I'm Pres. so of course I'll send. #BitingTheHand.' . . . There's your stinking response, bitch. . . . You bet I'll send you aid! . . . . Here come 10,000 body bags care of Uncle Sam. . . . Who says I lack empathy?"


Above CAPTION based on Trump's tweets against San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz who asked for more aid as covered by CNN:


What happens when two black holes collide? . . . Please come CAPTION Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity!

Bill O'Reilly is saying: "I'll tell you why all this sexual harassment nonsense is bogus, Sean: I never had to beg for it, much less play for it, in my entire life. . . . Look at me! . . . They're the ones who are always coming on to me, begging for it, . . . They just have to be brought around to realize what they really want, that's all."

Sean Hannity replies: "Who could argue with that?"

"My tweets are like the nourishment of angels!" . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

Donald ("Shakespeare stand back!" ) Trump is tweeting: "Fake news says I provoke Rocket Baby. Calling him a vain little twit spouting empty threats ‘cause he can't get it up, is just accurate. Not provoking #MoreVomitFakeNews"


Above CAPTION based on the rising crescendo of threats exchanged between North Korea and Donald J. Trump, as covered by The Washington Post, 9.26.17:


Air-Wanking . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

Donald ("Playing air-guitar is silly" ) Trump is saying: "Have I got a surprise for you! . . . You're going to love it! . . . You'll eat it up! . . . Just wait until next week when I'll announce it. . . . Hillary is really going to get it when you find out what I know. . . . You won't believe it!"

"Oh, poor me. There's so much winning! Please stop Mr. President!" . . . Come CAPTION Donald Trump!!

Donald ("I'll have a whole super-double deluxe cheesecake smothered in white gravy" )Trump is saying "And the lying media will tell you that I've got my priorities on backward,. . . that I don't know up from down, . . . or right from wrong. . . . But what do they know about right and wrong? . . . They think it's right to disrespect the 'Star-Spangled Banner' at the opening of a football game and to forcibly oppose fascists in the streets of America, but that's but it's wrong for all-American groups like White Supremacists or the KKK to exercise their first Amendment rights. . . . And they get all bent out of shape when the Neo-Nazi's protest the removal of Confederate statues. . . . Don't they know the historical connection between the Nazis and the Confederacy? . . . Nobody teaches history any more these days."

I smell rubber burning. Trump must be thinking. . . . Please come CAPTION The Donald!!!

Donald ("I've got you maturity right here," grabbing his crotch)Trump is thinking: "Call me a 'deranged dotard,' will he? . . . I'll show him who's the adult! . . . Let's see: 'N Korea will be less than nothing left. We'll even blast the rubble. Zero will be beyond you! Rocket Baby's people will be one stinking, radioactive cloud!.' . . . That'll show the little twit!"

"Where's Putin when I need him?" . . . Please come CAPTION Paul Manafort!!

Paul ("I used to have the world by its p*ssy" ) Manafort is thinking: "I know I said I'd take a bullet for Trump, and I really meant it, but if Flynn flips before me, I'm toast. . . . I want to be loyal, but the way I figure it now . . . all bets are off!"

"Love & marriage go together like a horse & sewage." . . . Please come CAPTION Donald and Melania!!!

Donald is saying: "There, that isn't so bad, is it?"

Melania is thinking: "I told the creep that the only way he'd touch me again is if he forced me to shake his hand, so guess-what-the-f*ck he does? . . . But I'll get him. . . . He'll be cleaning the bathroom with a toothbrush for a month of Mondays!"


Above CAPTION based on the following clip at DU:


The twit tweets again! . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

The twit is tweeting: "Does Rocketman think he can beat Ol' Snowflake with his Rusty Popsicle and a tube of Crazy-Glue? Stay tuned. Needs spanked. #MakeMyDayMidget."

"You block my road, I rock your life!" . . . Please come CAPTION Aaron Bernstine (R-PA)!!!

Aaron ("It's Yahweh or the highway!" ) Bernstein is saying: "I just want to say to your audience, if any of you sideways-looking cretins out there try to get in my way with one of your stinking, little, puke protests, I'll mow you down and leave you dead in the street. . . . I say this both as a man with reinforced iron bars over the grill and a hyper-elevated suspension system, . . . but also as a deeply religious man, of course."


Above CAPTION inspired by the following Think Progress piece on this creep:

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