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skip fox

skip fox's Journal
skip fox's Journal
March 31, 2018

"Did I forget to kiss my cobra before I left the house?" . . . Please come CAPTION Laura Ingraham!!!

Laura ("Everybody else is such a fool!" ) Ingraham is saying: "So I want to apologize to that Hogg kid once again who apparently can't take a joke and is so immature as to reject my initial apology, so this should not be necessary, . . . . and he's probably having a great time while I'm struggling to survive,, but I want everyone to know I'm not saying this because I'm bowing to pressure. . . . And now they're telling me in my ear that I've got to say it again slowly, I - apologize, - David - Hogg. . . . And oh yes, from the bottom of my heart."


Above CAPTION based on Ingraham's insulting comments about David Hogg which backfired as advertisers bailed from her hate-show. Covered in the Broward County Sun Sentinel:

March 27, 2018

Rumpus Maximus. . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

Donald (Thinking-with-his-entire-body) Trump is saying: "I've got it all figured out. Before Mexico pays us back, we'll have the military build the wall. . . . After all, it will teach them great stuff like overcoming obstacles, . . . The best. . . . Fantastic training. . . . I wouldn't be surprised if they scraped all the old stuff in the end. . . . Anyway, when Mexico pays back our military, the military can pay back the congress, and we'll all have saved money on the training, and we'll have the wall, a stronger military, and money in the bank. . . . The way I see it, it's win, win, win all the way. . . . This is going to be fantastic, . . . you'll see."
March 26, 2018

Get our your knives; it's time for Fox & Fiends.... Please come CAPTION Steve Doocey!!!

Steve ("Did I remember to turn off the flame thrower before I left the house?" ) Doocey is saying: "Jason, so you say the F.B.I. actually tried to rig the election by making it look like Russia was on Trump's side, and that Trump outsmarted them by pretending to embrace the Russians, making collusion appear ridiculous. (After all, if you're trying to hide blackmail, you don't publicly endorse your blackmailers, do you?) So then Hillary tried to get the F.B.I. to wiretap Trump, and the fact they refused to do it was another cover-up meant to disguise their true motives: to make Hillary President who would then create martial law and put them and Obama and Bill Clinton in charge as sort of an unholy triumvirate to prepare the way for Satan's rule and eternal, infernal reign. . . . . Makes perfect sense."
March 25, 2018

"The whole world's a war zone!" Please come CAPTION the new N.S.A. Adviser, John Bolton!!!

John ("Even the old Neo-Cons have gone soft!" ) Bolton is saying: "I never said that we should go ahead immediately and bomb Iran and North Korea. . . . I'm not as mad as that. . . . After all, arrangements have to be made."
March 24, 2018

Better than sliced bread and Baby Jesus combined! . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

Donald (Golden Hemorrhoid) Trump just finished saying: "That's why I love you evangelicals so much. . . . I could knock up Honey Boo Boo and then give her a late-term abortion live on national television, and you'd still vote for me. . . . You guys are great! . . And then think of the ratings!"

March 23, 2018

Petulance in the Oval Office. . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!!

Donald ("What have you got to lose?" ) Trump is saying: "Listen, get this straight. . . . I'll do whatever the hell I want!!! I'll veto the spending bill, appoint a thirteenth Supreme Court justice, fire Mueller, bomb the piss out of Iran and North Korea, blockade San Francisco, . . . Who's to stop me?"


An unfunny and sobering CAPTION on the day after John Bolton and Joe diGenova joined the Circus of the Dark Side.
March 22, 2018

"What doesn't kill me will only f*ck me up more." Come CAPTION Fox's ex-commentator Ralph Peters!!!

Col. Ralph ("I'll bite your bullet, if you'll bite mine." ) Peters just finished saying: "Listen, I've had to eat what the generals ate the night before. . . . I've had to take facials from a couple of senators. . . . I've had to lie on Fox about immigrants, guns in the schools, Iraq, Iran, North Korea, etc., even saying some things that could start a nuclear war. . . . But when Fox asked me to sign a non-harassment agreement, . . . well, that was the end of the line!"


Above CAPTION based on the Peters' disaffection with Fox News as reported in The New York Times:

March 22, 2018

The zone itself is spinning. . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!!

Donald (The Masher) Trump is saying: "Now I've got you just where I want you! . . . You've fallen for the oldest trick the book: the Collapsible, Inside-Out Choke-Hold. . . . It's a killer. . . . Why in only seconds, I'll . . . clufsmuff . . . . ickremoh . . . ech. . . . guh. . . "


Above CAPTION based on the Biden-Trump "exchange of March 21-22, 2018. Ah, spring!

Here's the story in The Washington Post:

March 20, 2018

"Alex Jones is like a GOD!" . . . Please come CAPTION Trump's new lawyer, Joseph E. diGenova!!!

Joseph ("I even have a theory about why I have so many conspiracy theories, and it sure ain't pretty!" ) diGenova is saying: "Most people don't know it, but Hillary ordered that those four brave patriots killed at Benghazi because they knew about her collusion not only with Russia but with the F.B.I. and all the other other intelligence agencies as well as the left-wing press to make it seem like it was Trump who conspired. . . . I'm telling you, Chuck, you just can't believe it!"

March 18, 2018

"My mouth is stuffed with elephant turds." . . . Please come CAPTION Senator Marco Rubio!!

Marco ("I know politics is hardball, but Trump called me bad names!" ) Rubio is saying: "The Democrats want you to get all worried about gun violence in the schools, or the escalating national debt, or Russia taking over our elections and shutting down the grid, but that's because they don't want you to see the real enemy, the insidious conspiracy designed to bring our government to its knees: Standard Time."


Above CAPTION based on Rubio's latest insertion into public consciousness as reported by Voice of America:


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