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Member since: 2002
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The Republican response to the SOTU mention of their intent to flush Social Security and Medicare

"in a nutshell":

"Ya' know that stuff we said on video or in writing about "sunsetting" Social Security and Medicare or "pulling them up by the roots? Well, we did not say anything like that!

Now that that is settled, can we please move on to IMPORTANT issues like Hunter's laptop?"

Obviously, Gov. Huckabee-Sanders sorely misses her days as tfg's "Fluffer in Chief".

She slipped back into her DJT-monogrammed kneepads last night just "for old times sake".

I'll leave that where it fell.

After listening to "old" Joe Biden's State of the Union speech, let me just say---

---"I'll have what HE's having!"

Huckabee-Sanders just pulled off a miracle: she made Sarah Palin sound coherent. nt

Heh-heh---Please proceed, Sarah; please proceed! nt

I did not think the day would come when we had to consider the possibility of our POTUS

being attacked by a member of Congress while delivering his State of the Union address.

It should come as no surprise that the same "law enforcement officers" who "have no choice" but to

support and enforce laws requiring a 10-year-old raped by her uncle to carry his child to term suddenly discover the authority to use their "inherent discretion" to find a law banning assault weapons "unconstitutional" and, therefore, ignore it.

Fascist bastards in uniform.


If you are interested in a deep but understandable discussion of our notions of justice, I

heartily recommend Michael J. Mandel's "Justice".

Rereading it now and had forgotten how good it is.

Careful! If the patience with non-prosecution grows any thinner if will be transparent!

As Rachel has said numerous times: "Don't LISTEN to what they SAY; WATCH what they DO!"

Patience abused curdles into anger and that's what I'm hearing and seeing.
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