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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 11,616

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Though I have been a frequent poster here, I have only posted once in the past week and a half

and that was a bit of humor that I posted hesitantly. This post is offered, not as a justification, but just as an explanation.

I find it increasingly difficult to post anything acceptable. Most of the OPs I have tapped out lately that really said what I thought needed saying have been scrapped by me---erased before posted.

I was not concerned that the post would violate the TOS. Been there/done that and I have survived.

I was not concerned that some would disagree. That's to be expected on any discussion board worth the name.

I am just tired---in general, to be sure--- but also tired of the nasty "edge" that seems to have grown more acceptable. This trend is by no means limited to DU, but this has been my home for a couple decades and here is where 98% of my political discussion occurs. Thus, to have my integrity or good faith questioned by those with whom I HOPE I agree about most issues has sort of "bled" me these past several months.

Before some begin typing "Don't let the door hit you in the ass!", I am not leaving. I am simply---for a while---stepping back; reducing my participation. I'm sure some will applaud that and some will say "Who cares?", but this explanation is offered to those who will do neither.

Stay safe. GOTV. "Do good work."


1. Pour a large glass of red wine, try to smell it.

2. If you can smell the wine then drink it and see if you can taste it.

3. If you can taste and smell it that confirms you don't have covid.

Last night, I did the test 19 times and all were negative, thank God..

Tonight I am going to do the test again because this morning I woke with a headache and feel like I'm coming down with something.

I am so nervous!

Some of the January 6th defendants have offered been negotiated pleas to misdemeanors with no

jail time and multiple other charges---including some felonies--- dismissed. Some of the justifications for these dispositions include "they were first offenders" who said they "did not realize" crossing police lines and invading the Capitol were crimes and "thought their actions were legal" since "President Trump" requested them.

These are of the same quality as the first offender who claims "I have no idea how that bag of weed got into my purse, but it ain't mine!"; the wide-eyed first offender who cries "Meth lab in my bedroom? How'd that get there?"; or, "She's 14? She said she was 18---honest!"

Of course, all of those excuses would get those offenders no-jail-time deals, right?

This will be a rant. No, I really mean it---THIS WILL BE A GODDAM R.A.N.T!

To all of the knuckle-dragging white supremacist assholes who are all het up about the removal of the Bob Lee on a horsey statue from its pedestal in Richmond, Virginia, get used to feeling like you feel today! We, the people---of ALL colors---have decided that there is no place in our nation for monuments that honor racist TRAITORS!

Yes, I called your idol a "traitor" because that is exactly what he was. He took up arms against the nation he had sworn an oath to serve and defend. By rights, the sonofabitch should have been HUNG!

It is my understanding that the statue will be cut into three pieces and stored until it can be decided what should be done with it. I have two suggestions. I'll tell you the one that does not require a LOT of lubricant.

The statue is, I believe, brass. It should be sold for scrap and the proceeds divided equally between Historic Black Colleges and Black Lives Matter.

So, if any of you Kluxer wannabes is already upset with me, let me double down: when y'all get home this evening, I hope your Mamas run out from under the porch and bite your pasty white asses!


In my world, a "level-headed feller" has "Skoal" dribbling out of BOTH sides of his mouth. nt

About the pachyderm in the parlour---

ANYONE who STILL supports Donald Trump---whether actively or tacitly---is an enemy of the United States of America. They do not like our democracy and are capable of all sorts of extreme actions---including armed violence---in their campaign to eradicate it.

Their shamelessness is openly claimed as an asset: "We don't care if everyone knows we are liars and thugs in league with foreign dictators! Winning is all that counts!"

In my view, this is a fact proven repeatedly over the past several years. We ignore it or dismiss it as hyperbole at our peril.

Mr. or Ms right wing screamer: please have a seat, take a deep breath, turn off your cell

phone and try to just listen for a change. I know you have been conditioned to not just automatically disagree with anything said by a person without a MAGA cap, but to interrupt them and shout them down. But, about 80% of Americans understand that, when people do that, it means that they are cowards who know, deep down, that their views are so ridiculous they cannot be defended. Will you concede or proceed?

All right then!

In this first session, we'll start with just the basics---the sort of things most functioning adults thoroughly understood by the time they moved beyond the milk and cookies stage of their early years education.

So,--- what is a "fact"? I won't ask for a show of hands of those who know the answer to that because I am here to educate you, not humiliate you.

A "fact" is a statement based on objective reality. And, ---hang on tight here---facts can be PROVEN! Water freezes at 32 degrees and boils at 212 degrees Fahrenheit. If you have any doubts about that, you can prove it with a readily available thermometer. Those are FACTS!

Facts either are or they aren't. That is, they either exist or they do not. And, this next part may startle you: facts can be DISCOVERED, but facts cannot be created by simply ANNOUNCING them! You can call "Iraq has weapons of mass destruction" and "Trump is a genius" "facts" untiI you're blue in the face and your tongue comes off its roller, but those remain, not just lies, but transparent lies!

Finally, as a bonus with today's lesson, before the Trump years, "alternative facts" were simply referred to by the more familiar term "bullshit".

Okay, I hope that is not too much for you to process without Himself or one of his brown shirts telling you what to think about it. There will be no more of these sessions until I see some evidence that you understand what you heard in this one. If you don't understand what facts are and respect them, my time would be better spent stalking unicorns than trying to make informed responsible citizens of you.

"Thus, endeth the lesson."

The current Colace TV ads with their "cutesy" descriptions of difficult bowel movements are

just plain old-fashioned vulgar and disgusting! I mute them or change channels each time they come on and will never knowingly purchase ANY product offered by this company!

This is not exactly an important issue, but it is a daily offense to my sensibilities and I needed to vent!

Neither Congress or any state legislatures tell car owners how often they must change their oil or

rotate their tires or replace their transmission. And, they don't pass laws regulating what tools mechanics must use or instruct them as to exactly how to do their jobs.

Neither Congress or any state legislatures tell apple growers when to prune their trees or spray their dormant oil or pick their crop. And, they don't make laws regulating methods of grafting or fertilization.


Well, maybe they acknowledge that legislatures should not attempt to micromanage decisions best made by those the decisions will impact personally and seriously. Stated another way, they have declined to stick their partisan legislative noses into affairs that do not concern them.

What in the world persuades some of them that they may not know carburetors and they may not know blossom end rot from scab, but they sure as hell understand the infinitely more complex female reproductive system and the effect of an unwanted pregnancy on the physical, emotional and financial well-being of a woman and her family?

Are women still allowed to vote in Texas? Own property in their own name? Enter into valid

contracts? Drive? Can they get a divorce without their husband's consent?

I want to stay current and don't want to presume the good ol' boys honor any Constitutional rights that don't involve "keeping and bearing arms".
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