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Member since: 2002
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Dear Chris Twisty---I just heard you comment on TV that Trump's legal team's efforts to steal the

election for him have been "a national embarrassment". While that is certainly correct, I am compelled to ask "Who told you that?"

You are apparently unaware that, not only has Trump himself been a national embarrassment for at least five years, YOU have been and continue to be a national embarrassment.

My point, Mr. Twisty, is that you are hardly a person at all qualified to judge who or what is embarrassing. In fact, you might be interested to learn that most of us just assume that all who work with and publicly support Donald Trump are incapable of embarrassment as they have absolutely no sense of shame. It's like a job requirement.

So maybe just get off TV and go play with some of those traffic cones again. As your buddy, Clint Eastwood, says: "A man's got to know his limitations!"

ATTENTION---all TRUE Americans! Announcing a new service for Trump-lovers: "POO-Anon"

Our name is derived from two sources: we are comprised of People Often Overwrought AND we intend to sling so much POO on those damn "facts" the Biden camp thinks are important that no one will want to dig them out. With that introduction, take a look at our astounding first explanation of how Biden is trying to steal the election.

THIS HAS BEEN AN "OWIE"! ( Other World Influenced Election )

First---of course Mr. TRUMP has been aware of all we are about to explain. He knows EVERYTHING. He and Putin have been fighting the electoral influence of---ALIENS---for over a year. And, by "aliens", we ain't talkin' Mexicans---we're talkin' Venusians!

That's right---beings from the planet Venus, in collusion with Soros, Che Guevara ( whose death was FAKED! ) and, of course, both Joe and Hunter Biden, have used a device that combines electro-magnetism, Cheeto dust and dark matter essence to cause Trump's ballots to totally disintegrate and Biden's ballots to multiply at least four times by a weird form of never-seen-before asexual reproduction.

That recent SpaceX launch of four astronauts was just the cover story ingeniously employed by Trump to conceal the real purpose of the launch: the total destruction of the dark matter essence refineries on Venus. Once supply of this stuff is stopped, the Trump ballots will spontaneously regenerate and Biden's will shrivel into gelatinous globules so tiny they will be dispersed by the slightest breeze. When the TRUE vote totals are thus revealed, Trump will have won a minimum of 450 electoral votes.

Both Elvis and "John-John" Kennedy will join Mr, Trump on the stage as he is inaugurated as POTUS on January 20th before the usual record-breaking crowd!

POO-Anon! "WWG,TWA"! ( Wherever We Go, There We Are! )

Who will make this pledge with me?

Trump is already discussing---in private, of course--- how he intends to make big bucks giving paid speeches to big corporations and "business interests" after he is evicted on January 20th.

Corporations and "business interests" should know that hiring this sociopath to ramble and repeat and drone on and on about how great he is WILL have negative financial consequences. Remember: "Everything Trump touches dies!" Many of us have pledged to totally boycott any business associated with this brazen lining of the thug's pockets. I am one of them.

I so pledge.

Attention Trumpanistas: that expression---"Shit happens"? It is more than an expression.

Somewhere in the neighborhood of 165 MILLION people, spread across 50 states, just voted. These votes were cast with the help of many diverse poll workers from both major parties, many of whom were "temps". These votes were then counted as carefully and accurately and promptly as possible. And, all of this was done during a deadly pandemic that had been ignored by YOUR "president"!

Is it really "shocking" or "outrageous" that, here and there, good people occasionally made mistakes? Just as one example, that there were 357 "discepancies" in the Milwaukee votes is a pretty damn good number when you consider that over a quarter million votes were cast there. That is not called "fraud" or "rigging"; it's called "the law of averages", or, if you will, "Shit happens!"

Stop embarrassing yourselves and your nation with your willful ignorance before we change that expression: TRUMP happens!

Just changed the channel when CNN began a discussion of "What Trump's post-presidential

life might be like".

WHO---with an IQ above room temperature---GIVES A BIG BROWN RAT'S ASS?

Please, avoid the rush: start ignoring it now.

Serious question for practicing DU attorneys: in the current pandemic when the health experts are

advising us to ASSUME that every person we meet is positive for covid, can deliberate repeated coughing in another's face be charged as an assault or even battery?

If so, can one take action to defend one's self?

Thanks for any serious responses.

Trump's "strategery" in a nutshell: "We're gonna recount and recount and recount until one count

shows that I won. We don't need no stinkin' democracy!"

So, has Trump "found the strawberries" yet? nt

---sigh----Talking Heads, why do you continue to bend over backwards to give Trump the

benefit of the doubt?

I have just listened to one of you say that Trump's attempts to cling to power despite losing the election by over 6 million votes "indicates that he does not respect the norms" in American politics.

Do ya THINK?

I know you can't call him a sonofabitch on TV, but could you say out loud that his actions are transparent traitorous crimes?

Write in "Donald Trump"!

Hey, out there all you True Patriots in the great state of Georgia! We all know Donald Trump wants two Republican senators to be elected in the Peach State on January 5th, so you don't have worry about remembering their names---Perdiddle and Laffler or something, like that.

Just write in "Donald J. Trump" for both Senate seats and our "friends" in each precinct will know who you meant to vote for!


You are welcome!
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