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Alex Jones has about as much chance of suffering from "brain control" as he does

suffering with ovarian cancer or an ectopic pregnancy.

Memo to Georgia Republicans ready to "hold their nose" and vote for Walker:

Georgia's Senator must be a Georgia resident.

Herschel is NOT a Georgia resident. He has admitted this.

Herschel CANNOT serve as Georgia's Senator even if enough of you dirty yourselves to help him win the run-off.

Can you stand in front of your mirror---or your children---and say that Walker should sit in the US Senate as your---their---Georgia Senator?

If you can't bring yourself to vote for Rev. Warnock, just stay home on election day. You won't feel like you need a shower when the polls close.

ADDENDUM: Mea culpa! As Mucifer pointed out below, Walker IS running legally. This is because although he has claimed a Texas tax benefit only available to Texas residents and the "Georgia residence" he listed turns out to be a rental property solely owned by his wife, the Constitution only requires residency of the state when one "serves" as Senator, not "runs" for Senator.

So, while Walker is apparently a liar and a tax cheat, as long as he is a "resident" of Georgia before he is sworn in if elected, the MAGAvolk say it's all hunky-dory.

Thanks to Mucifer for the correction.
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