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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 15,000

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Bachman---Palin---MOVE OVER! Stefanik has arrived!


In the past, those in Congress who received the most campaign contributions

were those who at least appeared to work hard to do what was right for their constituents.

Today, the most extreme and abrasive assholes rake in the biggest bucks.

From a fundraising perspective, it is better to tell outrageous lies and slander the opposition than it is to sponsor and support meaningful legislation.

The last female I encountered who looked, talked and acted like Boebert was at a

high school beer party in the boonies.

She was real popular.

I think our pandemic situation boils down to this: without a vaccine mandate, this winter's spike

may dwarf the last and tens or hundreds of thousands more of our family, friends and coworkers will die. But, without ENFORCEMENT and PENALTIES that HURT, that mandate will be worthless.

Sadly, I don't think we will see more than half-measures and endless discussion of "what should be done".

Take care of yourselves, hear?

When the sun rises on August 14th and Joe Biden is still in the White House, what will be

the next date on which Trump will "absolutely, positively" be reinstated?

If TFG was POTUS during these Olympics, none of our athletes would have to even

break a sweat. The actual results would be irrelevant. We could just announce that we won the gold, silver and bronze medal in each event and scream that any contrary reports were unAmerican fake news.

See how easy that would be?


"Rumor has it" that this is a transcript of Trump's call to Putin today:

"Send lawyers, guns and money!"'

Understand: any time the response to a question begins with "What about----", that person

is admitting not only that they don't have any answer but also that they DESPERATELY want to change the subject.

It is the wordier equivalent of "Squirrel!"

Just curious---was this woman one of Trump's federal judge appointments?

She seems to have the "qualifications" he looks for.

Anti vaxxers have the blood of children on their hands. Trying to "reason" with these people is

not just useless, it is a form of enabling.

Mandatory vaccinations are our last chance to save tens or hundreds of thousands of Americans. To use a favorite Trumpie slogan, "Fuck Their Feelings!"

"No vax" should mean no use of any public transportation, no entry into any government facility, no entry into any restaurant, bar or retail store and a 10% "assumed risk surcharge" tacked onto their tax bills.

That's just for starters.
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