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Another lifelong Republican leaves GOP


First time seeing this 1971 Solitary Man LIVE. WOW.


Senate Republicans siding with Trump are hopelessly evil. They applaud wrong

as they oppose everything right and good.

They do not deserve benefit of the doubt.

Their evil needs to be pointed out every day.

They do not love this country or its people.

This isn’t just a political difference. They are psychopaths.

Rolling Stone 1991 Songwriter of the Year, Mark Eitzel

The price of your soul is worth less than the cab fare
That gets you home before the living end.
The dead part of you leaves me with a blessing
From a destruction of your beauty, your self-hatred, your self-pity...

Axios: How Charlotte's favorite millennial politician dad decided senate run


......The day he sent that “I’m thinking about it” email, I asked Jackson if I could follow him through the decision-making process.

I wasn’t so much interested in the politics (we have two years to cover that) but the personal side of a family guy considering a big pivot in life.

It was clear early on that he had his mind set on running. But it needed to be a family decision. Before anything could happen, he said 2-year-old daughter Avery needed to complete potty-training.

In Charlotte, one of America’s top cities for millennials, Jackson’s become a sort of local icon of his generation — posting pictures of hanging ornaments with his daughter one day, then explainers on policy and laws the next.

He’s famous, though, because of how ordinary he seems. He’s approaching 40 — yeah, millennials are entering midlife — and he’s weighing what he’s done vs. he wants to do, responsibility vs. personal joy, and what his generation inherited vs. what they’ll leave behind.

They were teenagers and college students on September 11, 2001, and entered adulthood strung to ideals and a certainty about right and wrong.

That idealism faded some after the 2008 recession and politically volatile 2010s but still many, like Jackson, believe more in their ability to change the world than the world’s ability to change them.

Rachel Maddow story on Jeff Jackson's snow day, legislature of one. 😁


This is when DU first heard of Jackson.

NC State Sen. runs solo marathon session

Rachel Maddow discusses how the entire North Carolina legislature took the day off due to weather – except one state Senator who braved the storm and showed up to work to find he had the capitol all to himself.
Feb. 17, 2015

Jeff Jackson NC senate announcement to energize you AND make you smile.


I hope more Dems tap into this approach of just being a hardworking, compassionate, motivated public servant.

PS: Stay a few seconds longer after his bumper sticker appears onscreen.

NCSen. Jeff Jackson announcing run for US Senate. Today.


North Carolina state Sen. Jeff Jackson is expected to announce today that he is running for the U.S. Senate in 2022, the latest candidate to enter what could be a large field to replace outgoing Sen. Richard Burr.

Jackson, a 38-year-old Democrat from Charlotte, is in his fourth term in the state Senate. A former Gaston County prosecutor, Jackson is a captain in the U.S. Army Reserve and an Afghanistan war veteran.

Marcus King taking you to school. He makes it look so easy.

Schumer needs Murkowski to leave GOP and become an Independent.

And caucus with Dems. She’s pro-choice so that wouldn’t burden her.

She has to know that history will not be kind to Trump and McConnell’s enablers.
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