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Mr. Scorpio

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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 73,355

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WHERE do we all LIVE?

I haven't travelled domestically by air in decades

I've only drove or took the train to go places all this time... I like driving and the places I went weren't too far away to make traveling by car or train all that inconvenient.

However, I'm thinking about flying wifey to a Vegas weekend for the very first time, off season probably.

I'm just wondering what things I should know before we take a trip.

Any advice?

Fizzy War time. Choose your weapon:


Actor daughter who's acting style most resembles their own mama

Actor son who's acting style mostly resembles their own daddy:

Where to go for a chicken sammie?


I can't believe that it's been 20 whole ass years on DU

But there it is. Iím amazed that you guys have tolerated me for so long.

What else can I say?

Is there gas in the car?

Thirteen circuits, thirteen seats

Itís an existential imperative.

Hey, y'all you know me...

And I too mean?
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